If Only….

Ear, Mouth, Nose, Face, Head, Voices, Talk, Whisper

Silent tears flowing

crashing waves against the shore

meandering butterflies

halcyon breeze of the eventide

twinkling stars outside the window

undulating emotions of the mind

reflections in the bare mirror

the quietude in solitude

reveries of the subconscious

behavior of our body

paths we tread on

vibrations of the cosmos

a mere touch, a look, a hum

all whisper secret messages to us,

if only we have the ear to hear them!




50 thoughts on “If Only….”

  1. Your poetic finesse with words is inspirational. ❤ So many secret messages whisper to one’s psyche, but some are hard to decipher. A fleeting feeling of something beyond the physical world, “a vibration from the cosmos” or an aha moment that touches the heart.

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  2. Radhika, a subliime poem and if only indeed! All around is the magic of the universe … the trick is to listen, understand, relate … yet how often does one allow oneself the time and energy to share in this beauty of existence.

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  3. And also what a great picture you chose. It almost has that dual message, a child, who’s probably much more aware and awakened to the vibrations is trying to whisper into an adult ear.

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