Barbed Wire, Rose, Rusty, Wilted, Fence, Camp, Memory

Darkness descends

lust enters

bereft of love

devoid of emotions

on borrowed intimacy

insidious intentions

with a ruthless garb

plunders all night

leaving behind

a petrified mind

splintered body

and a trampled soul.



35 thoughts on “Barbaric!”

  1. A painfully real and very thought-provoking composition, R. Why, I wonder, there should be such brutality in the actions of humans when we have just this one life in which we can spread love and happiness and make the world such a beautiful place for all to live…

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    1. Seriously N, even I fail to understand this. Man’s intellect today seems to be under the shadow of emotional imbalance of greed, lust and power . All this just brings out his beastly persona to fore. Sadly I feel our value system is all screwed up.

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      1. Well put, R. I am deeply disappointed, nay saddened, with the use of our “intellect” and associated cognitive senses. Why can’t we live and let live? Why can’t there be empathy and charity? Why the anger, the hatred, the ill will? In the final reckoning we will all go, leaving but our deeds – let those be memorable and spread joy after us. Too much to ask? Sad…

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      2. I wish there were more people who thought so N. Our focus right from the young age is to excel, win, score, earn. The onus is always to be at the top. Material success is paramount else one is branded a failure. Obviously then all other qualities are forgotten and buried in the pursuit of making it big. That’s the sad and ugly reality of our society at large.

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