Haiku – Corona!

Virus, Corona, World, Map, Alert, Attention, Doctor

Minuscule virus

casts panic in the world wide

schedules go haywire


man confined indoors

operation lock down called

stamped a pandemic


nature’s defense tool

to contain man’s ruthless greed

lessons to be learnt.





52 thoughts on “Haiku – Corona!”

    1. Thanks N.
      Just like a mother sometimes is harsh in trying to discipline her child, I guess mother nature too had to resort to this drastic step. We her children have been taking her for granted for long.
      It’s sad that you had to scrap you holiday plan. A friend of mine couldn’t go to US for her son’s convocation. Life is harsh at times 🙁.
      Hope situation will improve soon, allowing us to get back to our routines.

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