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Haiku – Nature Rejoices!


Veil of smog lifts up

now, nature rejuvenates

lock down, a breather.


27 comments on “Haiku – Nature Rejoices!

  1. Team Wellness
    March 29, 2020

    Lockdown a breather, for one to rest, reset and refocus
    Lockdown a choice, for one to complain or to create possibilities
    Lockdown, a realization, that a drop cannot control the Ocean.

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  2. Haroon Mirza
    March 29, 2020


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  3. Indira
    March 29, 2020

    That is the positive side! 🙂

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  4. positivesideofcoin
    March 29, 2020

    That’s beautiful ❤️

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  5. paeansunplugged
    March 29, 2020

    Absolutely! ❤️

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  6. Todd
    March 30, 2020

    Just a couple of days ago I looked at the pollution levels in Delhi – and they were nearly as low as they are here in Toronto. And Toronto’s have also dropped. The air smells so good here. At night, even as I live in a highrise in the city I hear the coyotes howling in the night and birds in the morning. It is lovely.

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    • radhikasreflection
      March 30, 2020

      Very true Todd. We can hear more chirps, the summer temperatures have been moderate so far, the air definitely feels fresher. It’s a pleasure to watch the stars in the night now, which unfortunately we could never enjoy because the smoky skies earlier. So definitely nature has found some space to breathe now.

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  7. Shantanu Baruah
    March 30, 2020

    Nicely done

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  8. ecopoet
    March 30, 2020

    Nature’s renewal, 👏👏 , eco 🍃

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  9. Megha's World
    March 30, 2020

    One of the numerous positive thing about the lockdown…nature can breathe now

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  10. sunipukadiyil
    April 4, 2020

    Nature recapturing her energy !! 🌸


  11. bejamin4
    April 13, 2020

    Lovely. Well done.


  12. Megala
    April 20, 2020

    Lovely haiku! Nice to see the nature rejuvenating and enjoying in the absence of humans, now we could hear the language of Mother Nature loud & clear.

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  13. horizonetcher
    May 2, 2020

    Breathtaking! 😍

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