Lake, Reflection, Landscape, Calm, Nature, Water

The lock down cleanses the landscape

stay away humans balm the earth,

liberate it from their vile deeds,

as it breathes and rejuvenates

to a complete makeover.

Empyrean blues smile across the horizon

cumulus clouds indulge in careless whispers

the zephyr flirts with the virgin blooms

sounds of chirps serenade the world

sparkling brooks mirror a pristine image

boughs dance in gay abandon

the nadir glows a radiant gold, before

the night sky flaunts a starry spectacle

flora and fauna revel in its new found freedom

nature’s beatitude delights hearts!


Eugi’s weekly prompt: Dancing


The Death of the Conscience!


The bait of the worldly attractions

lure the timid mind.

The din of the endless buzz

reverberates, before it

deafens our ears

to the call of our inner voice.

We ignore its  gentle nudge

and tread far away from it.

 Finally, its faint whispers

get buried under

 our deceased conscience.


Daily Investment Plan!

Pocket Watch, Time Of, Sand, Map Of The World, Time

Remember to make today beautiful

invest in it, moments of happiness

for ,tomorrow it becomes yesterday

a series of good investment in “Now”

yields a bounty of rich returns

filled with wistful nostalgia,

culminates in  a life well lived!


In response to V. J’s weekly challenge#93 : Remember

Sharing the link to my book, to beat the lock down blues 🙂

Strokes of Courage!

Children Multicolored Hand Paint

Wavering fragile lines

alter to being resolute,

illegible scribbles and scrawls

transformed into stylized writings,

wings of fear clipped

to soar into the open skies,

meek submission develops

to an emphatic No,

the societal molds shed

to being You,

standing steadfast

against swaying temptations,

to own up responsibility

for a wrong doing,

leaving behind the comfort zone

to swim against the tide.

Filled with these strokes of courage

the canvas of life paints picture

evolving into an

aesthetic masterpiece

with a metamorphosed soul!


V.J’s weekly challenge #92 : Behind

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Courage

Spotlight shifts!!



Times have changed now.

I, the black insipid garbage bag lay

in the corner of the dingy utility

sloppy, with no body to care for me

I was a lonely soul, carrying the burden of

all the trash piling up on my shoulders,

unceremoniously, thrown into a huge dump.


But times have changed now.

The lock down has sure changed people.

Suddenly my mistress

seems to be interested in me.

She takes special care to dress up,

with matching accessories,

picks me up tenderly,

steps out to drop me

with a beautiful smile.

Ah….these are the best days of my life.

Times sure have changed now!!

A few days back got this image as an Whatsapp forward. Just penned down a different take on it. Hope you enjoy it 🙂

Stay safe!

Battle of Thoughts!


The tussle between the thoughts

wreak havoc to my sanity

the positives and negatives jostle

vie, to dominate each other

mire the mind in a muddled mess.

Bound within the confines of home

the daily chores defeat the weary body

frustrations overpower the confused mind

it succumbs to a sulking mood

banging the door shut, to all .

The eventide ray from the horizon peeps in

bringing with it an enlightened reflection

merging the vestige of dark thoughts with the weaning shadows

the benign glow of the amethyst horizon

embraces the soul in a serene grace of gratitude .

Confined to home due to the lock down, my ramblings found words to vent out my frustrations. All fine, just waiting for this dark cloud to blow away without much harm.

Stay safe , Take care!

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Enlighten

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