The Death of the Conscience!


The bait of the worldly attractions

lure the timid mind.

The din of the endless buzz

reverberates, before it

deafens our ears

to the call of our inner voice.

We ignore its  gentle nudge

and tread far away from it.

 Finally, its faint whispers

get buried under

 our deceased conscience.



46 thoughts on “The Death of the Conscience!”

    1. Thank you Miriam. I am sure there are people who do not succumb to the lure of worldly temptations. They are able to hold their conscience upright and strong. But I am sad to see a large number of people walk away from that path.
      Hope things are ok there and you are all safe.

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  1. Wonderful! The inner voice, the conscience, the soul speak…it is truly unfathomable,R, how we attracted to the lure of the ephemeral by neglecting our own scruples. The painting is beautiful and resonates perfectly with the words. Aditi is so talented!

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      1. There’s another aspect which is worth pondering. Once you have found “enlightenment” and know where you stand and what the way ahead is, can you really follow it? What then happens to the aspirations of your loved ones? Can you then, for the sake of your kin, step back into the mirage knowing what it stands for? Or do you try to get them around to see what you perceive – which could not be an easy ask. No wonder the tales of the ascetics who renounced the world including relations. But then we are far from that age and times…

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      2. Hmm….a deep thought or question knocking on a mature and thinking mind N?
        Well, depends on what is enlightenment in today’s context. Is it renouncing everything in your spiritual quest or is it staying within the boundaries of familial duties and still practising and following the pursuit of inner awakening? Once a person has attained that enlightenment, he can practice detached attachment. He need not step back into the material mirage. Hope I made sense 🙂

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      3. Thank you for entertaining this convoluted pitch. It’s a rather perplexing question that makes it’s presence felt everytime I think I am on the right path – OK, so you wish to know the eternal truth; free the soul of the cobwebs of the untruth. Fine. Once you are free of the shackles of the superficial, what then? Your answer is a reconfirmation of my musings – we are not in this world to renounce and retreat. We are here to speak through our deeds, and to achieve that if we have to be superficially attached, so be it! Yes, you make sense, R, because that is practicality. 🙂

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  2. We get so blinded by the glitter of the world that we fail to see that little spark screaming inside our soul. I hope we realize it soon. 🙂

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  3. You painted a vivid picture there.
    It is very easy these days to suppress our conscience and succumb to the lures of consumerism, vanity and other excesses. SOmetimes, we just need a few quiet moments to have a conversation with our inner selves and focus on the right things.
    I happened to come across your blog by mistake. So glad I did. I guess blog-hopping can work wonders sometimes.
    Blogrolling you.
    Do drop by mine.


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