Photography – Man Made!

Structural marvels,

birthed by the ingenious minds

landscape redefined

Fun times!
Gateway of India, Mumbai


Spotted at a roadside in Mumbai
Artistic Work!
Spiral Beauty, Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Cee’s fun foto challenge : Anything Man Made!


Haiku – Renewal of Hope!

World, Harmony, Continents, Earth, Hope, Peace

Unannounced attack

invisible enemy

global pandemic


an uphill battle

animated deeds of grace

unified efforts


buoyant humankind

ushers promise of new dawn

renewal of hope


Eugi’s weekly prompt : Renewal



Fabric of Love!

On a cold wintry evening

romantic lovers entwine

patches of rapturous emotions.

The twilight breeze brings

with it, a scent of love.

The hearts braid together

an intimate conversation

beneath the layers of scarlet chiffon.

Dreams of passion weave

intricate designs of rhapsodic rhythm.

Threads seam in total surrender

to paint bold strokes of red.

Fervent kisses sew a sensuous hem,

motifs of tender caress lace it,

sealing it with an intense fusion.

Oh! the romantic soul is draped

with an amorous blanket!

Thursday poetry competition.

Tweaked up an old poem of mine.


Woman Placing Her Finger Between Her Lips

Her temples throb

the din of vitriolic memories besiege her,

the ominous scars remind her

of a dark hideous past

haunting images circling her mind’s eye

with no signs of exit,

sucking her into a web of

emotional despondency!


V.J’s weekly challenge #96 : Circling


Radhika Puttige

Many thanks to Susi Bocks of iwriteher, for accepting and publishing my work on The Short of It.

I Write Her

topless man sitting on brown and black block Photo by Anfisa Eremina on


dark feelings engulf
trepidation clouds senses
imprisons present


inner core ruptures
scorching lava sizzles out
wreaks crimson umbrage


quintessence consumed
drowned in infernal abyss
extinct emotions


a veneer disguise
contrived emotions displayed
dubious motives


lonesome soul cringes
a foreboding gloom pervades
silent cry echoes


Radhika’s writings reflect her thoughts and ruminations on life. While she mostly writes poetry, her blog Radhika’s Reflection is a potpourri of photographs, prose, and musings. She recently published her first book of haiku and poetry titled Eclectic Verses, which is available on Amazon.


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Sun n Sea – A Harmony!

Eastern sky glistens

the dreamy sea slumbers on

indolent waves ebb


golden sunshine smiles

sun-drenched tides unfurl magic

turquoise melange


emits a bright trail

kisses the western skyline

lulls the blue expanse


oceanic tides

weaves an endless saga of

cadenced harmony!




Haiku – Expressions!

collage of portraits of cheerful woman
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Moods and expressions

define the life’s narratives

emotions burst forth


In response to Neeraj’s  photo challenge # 315, to write a story or poem or give your own interpretation to the above pic prompt.

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