Celebration Time!

Photo of Fireworks Display

This morning brought a pleasant news for me. A message from WordPress reminded the forgetful me, that it is my blog’s 4th anniversary.

Well, I can’t believe that time has flown by so fast since my first post.  My journey from an absolute novice, to now, has been an enriching one. It’s been a privilege to read the works of some amazing writers here. All of you have been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement to me. My learning and growth embodies a reflection of you all. (I am still work in progress, though 🙂 ).

Thanks to your encouragement, I published my maiden book of poetry and haiku titled “Eclectic Verses” (available on amazon). My writings are simple, from the heart. It is the love of my readers that has helped me tide this far.

I am truly grateful for all the support, likes, comments and encouragement from my readers from across the globe. You have been my lifeline, helping me stay afloat in the ocean of blogosphere. I am glad to have such a diverse set of readers. There are the loyalists, who comment on each of my posts, (eternally indebted to them), the occasional peepers, who drop by sometimes, the silent likers, the wholesale likers (who like a dozen or more posts, at one go in a jiffy ;-)). No matter who you are, I am genuinely thankful to each one of you.  Each like and comment still carries the same joy, as the first one.

Melange of thoughts waft by

fall as contours of ink on a page

words fill them with color

to etch them in this vast expanse

giving them, an eternal identity!

Before I sign off, I would like to understand from you, what is the one thing about my writing that makes you come back to read it?

Once again a big thank you to one and all. Stay safe and stay blessed.





110 thoughts on “Celebration Time!”

  1. Radhika, the blog is a reflection of what the blogger (behind the scenes)is…and though many of us don’t know you personally or met you in the real live-it does tell us that whatever written is pure and un-adultetated and that’s all we ask for.
    U seem like a ray of sunshine…Radhika-ji ( always wanted to use the ‘ji’) keep writing as u always do.
    You seem like a wonderful person. God bless

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    1. Savio, so good to see you here after long. Hope you are doing well. You brightened my day with your kind words. Glad you find my writing pure. Really appreciate the feedback🙏.
      Special thanks for the “ji” to my name and the best wishes.
      Stay safe and take care 💕

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      1. You are very welcome. Sorry I don’t always manage to comment on your beautiful poetry. I sometimes miss stuff with being blind. But your poetry is so good.

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  2. Congratulations. This reminds me even I complete four years in August. Anyways, I understand how this feels. The blogging world has been a constant support. I adore the simplistic pieces that you come up with, that is what brings me back again and again. I sincerely hope Eclectic Verses reach great heights. Cheers to this one and many more to go.

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    1. Thanks dear Moushumi. You have been such a great support to me. Heartfelt gratitude for all the love and encouragement you’ve showered on my work. Thanks so much. I still have to honour my promise to you…. Will do it soon 🙏


  3. Congratulations, Radhika, wonderful work and I think you have fun too.
    You say that you are a work in progress. Do you know, I believe we all are.
    Always will be. That is wonderful though.

    I read your post regularly and enjoy them. the writing you do and the person I can see between the lines.
    Great to have got the book published to, busy girl. 🤗.


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    1. Miriam, I am honoured to have your constant support. You are one of the fine writers, whose work I enjoy reading. They are a class apart.
      I always feel the warmth in all the feedback you give on my posts. Heartfelt gratitude ♥️🙏

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  4. Hearty congratulations dear Radhika and keep on inspiring us with your awesome poetries and you have written such a wonderful poem with your post. Keep it up. The friendship that we have created with few bloggers and their motivating writings brings me always to read your posts and other friends too. Let us all keep our flow of creating writings going on.

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    1. Thanks a ton Kamal. Your nuggets full of wisdom and your inspiring tales and poetries are such a good reminder in today’s times. Your writings always helps me see the positive in life. Cheers to our friendship. Keep spreading your positive vibes ♥️

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      1. Cheers to our friendship dear Radhika and may we keep writing amazing stuff for us as well as others too who we keep on inspiring. I love your poetry book, your poems are so beautiful and yes thanks to our WP platform has made us into Peotesses. You are always welcome dear. All the best. God bless.

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  5. 😉🤔You really want to ask that question in the end🤔 I would say your poems, I love poems, and I like all your poetic writings, And congratulations 🤗💐✨4 Years is definitely not an easy thing, consistency is the key to success, Loved your poem at the end😉 Wish you many more successful years 💐✨Have a wonderful day.

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  6. Congratulations ma’am, very happy to be connected with you. I truly love to read your posts especially I love your short stories and the way you express the reality in your poems. I sincerely wish your words to reach places they are beautiful and soulful. 💐💐💐🙏🏻

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  7. Wow that’s a real feet to achieve. Good job R! Like you said your writing is simple and straight from heart which makes me come back to it. Continue writing and staying it touch. Much love!

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  8. Hey R, please accept my heartiest congratulations on this wonderful landmark in your blogging life! May you continue to journey through bright sunshine and keep us readers delighted with such kaleidoscopic gems. No essay would have expressed your thoughts as well as those 5 lines of verse – outstanding! And I will keep coming back to get tattooed with the colourful inks that flow from your musings. Why? Well, you share in words simple the sincere stirrings in your soul, and somewhere therein I find a connect with my true self…

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    1. You are a kind soul N. Thanks so much for the generous encouragement. I love simplicity in all aspects of life, so guess my writings too reflect that.
      I am a huge fan of your writing. Your repertoire of vocabulary is incredible, you have an amazing clarity of thought and a scintillating collection of pictures. So it’s always a pleasure to read your work.
      Thanks again for always commenting on my posts 🙏. Truly appreciate it!

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      1. Thank you, R – you are very kind with your compliments! The pleasure is mine; you have also been equally if not more encouraging towards my musings. And I am glad that I have found a patient, contemplating and understanding ear in you – my friend! 🙂

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  9. Congratulations Radhika on your wonderful achievement. The simplicity and from the heart writing with beautiful messages is what makes me come back for more.
    Keep writing dear. May you bring out many more books and we’ll all celebrate your writing accolades.
    On your next book, I would cherish having a signed copy of the book from you !!
    Best wishes always ❣️❣️

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    1. Thanks so much Deepika for the generous feedback. It always makes me happy to read your inputs. Well, don’t know if I’ll come out with another book, but if I do will definitely send you a signed copy 😊♥️


  10. Hi, Radhika,
    Can i take the liberty to answer your question first?
    Your question to the readers is “Before I sign off, I would like to understand from you, what is the one thing about my writing that makes you come back to read it?”
    To put it across simply,can i say it is not “one thing”….it is a unique blend of hues and colors.
    Your writing is sanguine, bright, cheerful,and from the heart. It is simply all embracing,like the sun beam converging on to a prism, and unfurling in its bright colours.The flow is simple and friendly, the undercurrent deep and profound.The choice of words are smooth as silk and velvet.
    Talent attracts talent. The excellence and polish of the comments your blogs draw speak volumes.
    I hope this answers your question.
    Your book “Eclectic verses” is my constant companion on the desk. Each time i open a random page and scan a verse, i smell a different fragrance.It is not only a book, it is a bouquet of flowers.
    My hearty congratulations on the 4th anniversary of your blog.
    God bless you.

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    1. You have made my day with your lavish praise on my blog. Your comment itself is worthy of a beautiful blog.post. I am truly humbled. Your generous compliments motivates me to better myself. Thanks again for all the love and blessings 🙏❣️


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