Romancing the Mountains!

Pristine clouds waft

at their own pace

dance with the winds

crooning careless whispers

The mighty Himalayas

sentries of the north citadel

rugged and macho, stand tall

their persona emits a majestic aura

Beneath a misty veil

a rendezvous at the peak

kisses moist with the icy breeze

they entwine in a flirtatious embrace

A dreamy passion lingers

the heaven rising affair

casts a mystic allure

inks an ethereal romance.

In response to V.J’s weekly challenge #102 : Pace

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Mighty


Tiny tales – Leave!

Person, Man, Male, Sitting, Floor, Ground, Drinking


1. His decision to leave home backfired.

2. Leave your ego behind, life beautiful!

3. Wedding fixed, his leave got cancelled.

4. Erratic leave, soldier always on duty!


Four 6 word stories in response to Shweta’s 6WSP prompt #44 : leave

Sinister Who?

Image Credit- Pixabay- Ariadne-a-mazed

The walls stand mute, as a silent witness

burying within them, the many untold secrets

political debates, economic planning,

macabre massacres, cloistered dungeons,

wars lost, alliances forged,

the clinking of swords, the trot of horse’s hooves,

strategic conspiracies, victories celebrated,

stories of greed, love, power and nobility.

History lives here with the ghosts from the past

the eeriness comes alive under the moonlight

yet, the dead do not scare me

as much as the malevolent humans of today!


Tweaked one of my poems from my book “Eclectic Verses” (Available on amazon), which I felt was apt for Sadje’s what do you see prompt #35.



This or That?

Woman, Question Mark, Person, Decision, Thoughtful

When choices confront me

and it is decision time,

paranoia sets in.

I rummage through the anxious moments,

begin a futile exercise of

coping with a barrage of insecurities,





What if I make a wrong choice?

A conundrum which has no answer,

the debate between the voices of

the heart and the mind

leaves little scope

to navigate through the labyrinth of thoughts.




the pros and cons.

Finally, I decide

come back to it tomorrow.


decision making has never been my forte!

In response to V. J’s weekly challenge #101 : Decisions

Travel Tales!


Hiker, Hiking, Backpacker, Backpacking, Tourist, People

Each can be read as an individual tale or together as a single one. Hope you enjoy them.

Explore world, travel bucketlist, another strike.

Souvenirs from travels, world within home.

His travel blog, brought him fame.

Travel taught him what education didn’t.

His travels unraveled the journey within.

In travel, he finally found redemption.


In response to Shweta’s 6WSP : Travel



The Unexpected…

three line tales, week 229: someone trekking up the steps to the tower on top of Glastonbury Tor
photo by Nik via Unsplash

Their car broke down forcing Jatin and Riya to stroll around the place till the driver brought the engine back to life and the flight up to the tower seemed to be a good option to explore, to kill time.

On reaching the top, Riya was shocked, for it was the same tower that kept haunting her in her dreams.

Was it destiny that brought her here….

Sonya’s 3 Line Tale # 229

Let’s not lose our sight…


Last weekend I was watching a movie on television. A sentence the actor said, stayed in my mind.

I had to lose my sight to see.

This sentence carries an enormous burden of emotion and regret, isn’t it? It is not just his sight he is talking about, but also the guilt of turning a blind eye to everything around him, except himself.

Very often man becomes an island of “I”, totally self-centered, focusing only on himself, his growth and success.  He turns away from people or things outside of his circle. He fails to experience life, beauty, happiness and is insensitive to the happenings around him.

We need to step out of the cocoon of conceited attitude that we have developed for ourselves, for when we look back, we see nothing but a reflection of  bitter remorse.

Before it is too late, we need to channelize the collective brilliance of the human intellect, to shift its focus to more humane approach to make this “world and us”, better!

So, it’s time to pause,

amble across the green grasslands

gather the scattered emotions,

collect our thoughts,

walk away from the thorns of illusionary success,

reinforce the root of disintegrating values

feel the allure of nature’s grandeur,

weed out the toxic prejudices

bask in the warmth of familial love

rise above man made boundaries

exhibit a spirit of kindred brotherhood

infect humanity with a happiness bug

indulge in kindness

endeavor to respect the environment

listen to the whispers of the soul,

to enjoy a life well lived,

and leave behind a habitat

for generation next, to breathe!


V.J’s Weekly challenge #100 : Pause

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Brilliance




Random Musings – कल Vs Tomorrow

Alive, Awake, Aware, Hands, Embrace, Holding, Being

आज, कल की यादों से लड़ रही थी मैं,
आने वाले कल की परेशानियों को भी ,आज जी रही थी
कल और कल के इस कश्मकश में,
मै आज को जीना ही भूल गयी .

Today, I fought with yesterday’s memories ,

and am living tomorrow’s worries also.

In the tussle between yesterday and tomorrow,

I forgot to live today.




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