It’s time we change!

Woman, Face, Contour, Burnout, Blank, Fire, Flame

The gusty wind flutters pages of the scattered books,

a sepia toned picture falls out of an old dusty diary.

I glance at it, and my mind travels back in timeline,

a nostalgic smile creeps up, as I recall

the gang of famous three musketeers that we were,

bosom pals, partners in crime, inseparable!


Seasons changed, but not our friendship,

passage of time cemented our bond…

And then she fell in love, and hell broke loose,

for he belonged to  another caste

thus shaming her family.


Being truly in love, they eloped to marry,

furiously tracked down by her clan,

for her alleged impropriety had to be punished.

Brutal death wiped their innocent souls

all in the name of honor…..

Shell shocked with no words to describe the ghastly act

my heart shattered into a million shards….


Jolted to the present by a gentle nudge,

I look up to see my mom all excited,

to show me some new bridal outfits.

Gratitude fills my heart

for, I am blessed with parents

who approve of my choice

of a life partner!


It is shameful that in spite of calling ourselves a progressive country, we still get to read about such brutal murders, here in India and many other countries. Honor killing is a homicide of a member of a family (usually the woman), by her own family.  It is believed that she has disgraced the family by digressing from their tradition, religion and social norms.  They are killed for supposed ‘illicit’ relationships, for marrying men of their choice, for divorcing abusive husbands, dressing in ways which are deemed inappropriate, engaging in non-heterosexual relations or renouncing a faith. They are even murdered by their kin if they are raped as they are thereby deemed to have brought shame on their family. The truth of the suspicion does not matter — merely the allegation is enough to bring dishonor on the family and therefore justifies the slaying.


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88 thoughts on “It’s time we change!”

  1. Hard to understand from our western perspective, and yet, I have lost friends who have married into religions that forbid contact with outsiders. All seems so counter the concept of love.

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  2. Nostalgic moments with friends, Radhika and yes when our own family members do not approve of the marriage, the poor loving couple are killed mercilessly by them and we in India are yet very behind where caste, race and religion is concerned. Why and for what are we doing all this craziness and raping our women left right and centre and who is bothered. All the blame is kept on the poor girl and it is happening with widows in the family too. We as humans at times are so cruel and mean. God only knows when we will come out of our selfishness and realize our Oneness.

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    1. I agree Kamal. The obsession some sects of people have about following the so called rules and traditions of the family is unimaginable. They stoop to such low levels as to kill their own blood? How can such an act be justified?


    1. Thank you Eugenia. It is so appalling to see this mindset in some people for whom following some tradition is more important than the life of a loved one, that they resort to such a heinous act.


  3. This is one of your best writings, R! Masterpiece! It is very powerful and hits hard – and rightly so. This issue has been in existence ever since we bifurcated humanity on the lines of caste and is the bane of our social fabric. Sadly, it has made deep inroads in our society, even well-read urbanites bowing before it – leave aside the dogma of the rural populace; and it does not look amenable to be erased in the near term.

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    1. Thank you N for your kind appreciation.🙏
      Well, In today’s times, I have come across a very educated person ,who studied in one of the most premier institute of the country, looking down upon his peer, only because he is from a lower caste. If people from the so called elite of the society still carry this mindset, then what can one say about the rural folks. Man should learn to respect and follow the religion of humanity and brotherhood….but I guess India only a miracle will change that belief🙁

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  4. This is a really heartbreaking social concern. It is devastating that people can go to the extent of killing their loved ones just for the so called ‘honour’ for whatever reason that might be. Beautifully written!:)

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  5. Radhika, your poem is poignantly beautiful and tragic. I hope it helps to create positive change.

    It seems that many societies have old brutalities that continue to raise their ugly heads! In the United States, we have had the rise of White Supremacists and Neonazis, the burning of Black churches, attacks on mosques, racial profiling by police, and most recently, it appears that several lynchings have occurred.

    Many Americans are shamed by the current attempts to dismantle democracy in our country. We hope there are better days ahead.


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