Haiku – Better days ahead…


Monstrous gloom descends

anxiety engulfs life

pandemic looms large


gales of panic blow

amidst uncertain currents

cling steadfast to faith


sparkle of ray peeps

glorious sunshine embraces

global well being


Feeling low on hearing about so many positive cases around me. Trying to keep up a positive frame of mind, clinging on to hope, that things will improve and praying that this  pandemic will end. Soon the world will see a beautiful new dawn emerge behind the grey clouds of fear.

Stay safe and take care!


77 thoughts on “Haiku – Better days ahead…”

  1. Just the dark before the dawn. When I read this poem, even though it was about the pandemic, it stirred hope in me. You have this unique gift of endowing even a poem on darkness, with light. This is a unique talent. Excellent

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  2. We always read, and exhort too, about keeping a positive frame of mind in difficult times, and there could be no time as testing as the present one to challenge our determination. Let’s chin up and put our faith to test. Take care, R!

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      1. Thanks so much Radhika.Yes, things are getting worse here now there has been numerous reports of kids getting the infection and dying and it just breaks my heart.


      1. Radhika, reading or watching news scares us, and if you go out just to make your vehicle run for 5 minutes, outside crowd gives a complete different look as if nothing is wrong in the world.

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      2. Very true Deeksha. People are seen in huge numbers without masks. Its as if they feel corona will never touch them. Its only a minute percentage of the population that follows and adheres to caution and social distancing.

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  3. Hlo mam,
    I’m trying to write Haiku these days.
    Can you please tell me what are the imp. Points one should keep in mind while writing Haiku apart from that 17 syllables.
    And how, can you write so beautiful and meaningful haikus…!!

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    1. Aww… thanks so much Dakshali for such lovely compliment. Initially I just kept the syllable count in mind. Once that was done, I thought how I could make it better. I guess it comes easily as we keep writing. All the best. Hope to read some of your haiku soon.


      1. Okay…I have write some haikus….and will soon posted it .. Kindly please let me know how is that and what kind changes I can done to them . Stay connected !


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