The sixth tea cup…


Image credit; 五玄土 ORIENTO – Unsplash

The Sunday tea meeting was a ritual, the Hashimoro family carried out without fail. The elderly couple lived by themselves in their old ancestral home. Their son, daughter in law and both the grandchildren visited them from the city, which was about an hour’s drive from there.

Every Sunday no matter what, the family never failed to be present for this evening of bonding over tea. Life went on as usual until old Mr. Hashimoro passed away.

After his death, his wife continued to live alone in the house as she had many beautiful memories attached to the place.

The following Sunday evening, with a heavy heart Mrs. Hashimoro, set the table with five tea cups, looking sadly at the sixth one in the  cupboard, missing her husband even more. She went into the kitchen to get some snacks to serve along with the tea. The plate of cookies dropped from her trembling hands as she came to the table.  The sixth tea cup was on the table….

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84 thoughts on “The sixth tea cup…”

  1. Nicely done 🙂 It reminds me of the time just after my father passed away. We had family visiting and without thinking I set his place as usual. We drank a little toast to his empty chair.

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  2. The somber scenario, a haunted atmosphere, a very close knit family of six, a bereavement, as backdrop is certainly not a scenario of a picnic.

    Radhika knits a web of imagination to lead the reader with an aura of unsolved mystery and soliloquy, about the sixth cup.

    A narration cloaked in chilling suspense..

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