three line tales 235: a lavender field at sunset
photo by Léonard Cotte

Watching a painting exhibition highlighting the infinite beauty of nature, David stopped by one that caught his attention.

The beautiful glistening rays falling on the expansive lavender fields, capturing prismatic bubbles, the distant mountains, swaying verdant greens, it felt so alive, that he could feel the air infused with its fragrance, serenading him with a lingering melody, taking him away from the daily stress and woes.

He thought to himself, “When boundless blessings of nature abound, why does man imprison himself in cubicles of concrete, devoid of viridity in the name of progress?”


Sonya’s Three line tale #235: Write 3 lines inspired by the photo prompt.



57 thoughts on “Why?”

      1. na na.. not talking about being claustrophic or the situation like that.. jst a feeling of peace when close to nature is what i wanted to mention.. I am doing good.. and ya took me a while to get back to writing again.. trying to keep up with it now.. lets hope that it will continue.


  1. Wonderful! You reflect the thoughts which tormented me for decades, R. I have asked myself the “why” and I know my shortcomings. And the one thing that remains now for me is the antidote – “when”.

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    1. There are a few like us sailing on the same boat N. This question constantly gnaws my heart. While we do our little bit in the conservation, but for a greater impact, the larger picture has to change for the better.
      I was hoping the pandemic will be an eye opener, but looks like people are getting back to their old callous ways.

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      1. I agree, R; it’s all or none – we all have to do it together because piecemeal efforts are not going to make the required impact.
        I somehow had a feeling that the pandemic would actually make it worse. In this short-sighted world of everything being about “me and myself”, the pandemic would make the future uncertain and in that scenario everyone would start living for the present – conservation and restoration being the farthest from the mind. It’s really difficult to predict how the scenario will pan out eventually.


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