Mother Earth’s Lament!

Lucas Pezeta@Pexels

For eons I lived as a spirited soul

nourishing and nurturing all

under my benevolent grace.


My vibrant persona, sparkled with

an eclectic mix of wild, free strokes

painted my canvas with a rich hue.


I danced in sublime ecstasy, as

floral scented zephyr hummed ditties,

life orchestrated a rhythmic euphony.


Until man came along,Β 


With his bag of never ending desires

he progressed well initially, respecting me

before greed overpowered his wisdom.


He robbed colors from my palette

shrouding me in a smoky grey

casting me in a colorless attire.


His plunders continue unabated

inflicting painful scars

oblivious to my silent tears.


My womb swells with his toxic influx

Isn’t it only a matter of time

before it becomes malignant?


What do you see #42

Reena’s exploration challenge : Colorless


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