92 thoughts on “Shout out!”

  1. Congratulations Radhika, a powerful poem on our disintegrating moral values influenced by the greed and envy growing within and around us. A great read indeed ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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  2. Congratulations Radhika!
    I loved your poetry, something so beautiful is worth publishing.

    You too were a teacher, really? Nice haa.
    The line “principels compromised without iota of guilt” was absolutely beautiful!

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  3. A veil of selfishness befogs the intellect,
    the potent alchemy of power and greed
    disintegrates the scaffolding of the conscience,
    principles compromised without an iota of guilt.

    The world has changed. The people have changed. And it’s a bad, bad change.

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