Haiku – Precipice!

– Harimao Lee

Adrenaline rush

precarious cliff hangar

living on the edge

mindlovemiserysmenagerie’s challenge #334, to use the above pic as an inspiration



Tuesday 20 word story prompt: Rejuvenation

Jamie Hines@pixabay.com

Celebrating the silver jubilee reunion, sitting in their classrooms, indulging in nostalgic memories, a spirit of euphoric rejuvenation enveloped them.


What rejuvenates you? Do share! Have a lovely Sunday!!


Contemplating on choices at crossroads

Chaotic cacophony prevails in the indecisive mind

Creates contours of illusionary dimensions

Clarity camouflaged by conflict of thoughts

Complex patterns emerge, trying to channelize the clutter

Connecting the dots, seems to be a challenge

Conundrum sums up life’s path!

This style of poetry is called Pleiades.  It has only one word in the title followed by a seven line stanza. The first word of each line begins with the same letter as the title. 

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #154

The Soul!


Once upon a time, billions of eons ago

it all started with a speck.

The vast expanse beyond the cerulean skies

embraced within it

 infinite planets, galaxies and milky ways.

It intrigued and fascinated

Astronomers and Astrologers alike,

who postulated many theories.

The spiritual seeker,

ruminated on the realms of the cosmos

 to question our very existence

in this vast evolutionary journey,

to fathom its aura of cryptic mysticism.

Seeking divine guidance,

from the abundant energy of the universe

finally realising that  

the body and the paraphernalia

is just ephemeral,

the real truth is our inner core,

the soul.

V. J’s weekly challenge #113 : How it all started

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Cosmos

The Dancing Goddess!


I am grateful to Freya Pickard of purehaiku for publishing 5 of my haiku on her blog, as a Featured Writer. The theme was Dancing Goddess.

Thank you Freya. Do visit her site for some exceptional haiku.

The link to the haiku are given below. Please do check them out.

Haiku 1

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Haiku 5

Water – Reality Check!

In response to Shweta’s 6 word story prompt #56 : Water

They can be read as individual stories or together as one. A grim tale with a strong message.

Dirk Wohlrabe@pixabay.com

Wealth futile, if there’s no water.

Year 2050 – water most expensive resource.

Water wars…coming soon…trailers out.

My worst nightmare – an arid earth.

Each drop an elixir – save water.

Bake Story!

Nancy’s photo challenge to post something baked.

Baking is a hobby

I often indulge in

aromas from the oven

waft, to fill in my home

with heavenly scents.

Chocolate Brownie
Chocochip vanilla cookies
Vegetable savory muffins
Banana Bread

Pc: Aditi

Haibun – The Stormy Concert!


Sweet chirps of little sparrows announce a new dawn .The bright sunny morning welcomes another day. Cheerful flowers bloom inviting the meandering butterflies. As the day settles in, a bunch of billowing mass peeks across the horizon.  The balmy demeanor starts to sulk. By noon a boorish band of clouds send the sun backstage, by taking the spotlight. Soon their other dark cousins arrive to dominate the azure skies. A somber mood sets in, as the clan of broody tar clouds take center stage. A thunder here, a lightning there with some spells of showers as if they are testing their mic settings.   Once everything is in place, they have a blast.  In flashes of tempestuous pitch and torrential downpour, they sing nonstop to a rumbling orchestra.

dark moods vocalize      

with thunderous acoustics

rainy symphony

Inspired by the heavy rains lashing out last evening.

Haibun is a Japanese genre of combining prose with poetry. The key to the art of haibun is the graceful pairing of poem and prose, where the poem links to the prose yet shifts away from it.

Irony of our system!

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Years of closed conditioning at schools and colleges (especially in India), constricted approach to knowledge, rote learning and marks centric system had buried Gautam’s creative instincts, questioning skills and conceptual understanding.

Today working on a project at office, he was asked to think out of the box and bring in new innovative ideas!!

Isn’t it a sad irony the young work force face today?

This is the first thought that came to me on seeing the picture. Do share your thoughts on it.

mindlovemiserysmenagerie’s photo-challenge-332

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