Say Cheese!


Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “more than a hundred.” Write your post inspired by something you have more than a hundred of in your home right now. 

The moment I read this prompt challenge, my mind immediately thought of the photographs at home that fill the albums and adorn frames on the wall. I love clicking moments of today which make beautiful memories tomorrow. Of course, with the advent of digital technology, now my laptop is filled with them.

As I browse the old pictures, each picture enlivens a story of emotional delight. I harvest a bounty of nostalgia. The vintage sepia toned, the black and white or the glossy coloured ones bridge the present to the past. Sauntering on that bridge infuses the air with the fragrance of yesterday. The heart revels seeing the pictures unfold a saga of events that life witnessed. It is a wonderful way to bond with the family, reminiscing good old times, sharing some laughter and tears, teasing and ranting, setbacks and celebrations.

I love the company of photographs, for it captures moments to etch it in the heart for eternity.

Blur of life captured

 tapestry of memories

eternal imprints

57 thoughts on “Say Cheese!”

  1. Radhika, you have me stopping in the beginning.. thinking, more than hundred.
    Well, you mentioned photographs and hey presto. I am with you.
    Love my albums with their captions . There are far more than 100 in there’s.
    The only other thing that comes to mind are c.d. s and even vinyls.
    Wonderful post to make us realise what we have felt important and still
    are important.
    I know, photos are stored on computer now and music can be reached quickly on various music sites. Nevertheless …..

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    1. Well glad that you too enjoy your time with your albums. Time just breezes by when I sit with them.
      Yes, we too had stacks of music cassettes and CD s until recently. We donated them last year. With fast changing technology, things get outdated very fast.
      Thanks so much for sharing your feedback here Miriam 😊

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  2. Absolutely spot on selection Radhika, and three lovely lines in poetry :-).
    Photographs on the wall, in the album, in the laptop, hard disk, usb drive and of course – the mobile phone, more than a hundred is putting it lightly – its tons and tons of memory and nostalgia! But of these, flipping those old film day albums still gives me the most nostalgia.
    Which are your favourites – film or digital?

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  3. Sabke pass kuch log aise hote hain ki wo kuch bolein unko mugdh ho ke sun na achha lagta hai, tumhari writing ke sath bhi mera wohi haal rehta, no matter what topic you write upon I feel it so engrossing. Kudos to your charming writing Radhika.

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  4. Pictures and photographs, I think, are time machines in a sense! We get transported back to that day, that moment and relive the magic in it, once more. I love the stream of consciousness poetry. You did complete justice to the prompt! ❤️❤️

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