Haibun – The Stormy Concert!


Sweet chirps of little sparrows announce a new dawn .The bright sunny morning welcomes another day. Cheerful flowers bloom inviting the meandering butterflies. As the day settles in, a bunch of billowing mass peeks across the horizon.  The balmy demeanor starts to sulk. By noon a boorish band of clouds send the sun backstage, by taking the spotlight. Soon their other dark cousins arrive to dominate the azure skies. A somber mood sets in, as the clan of broody tar clouds take center stage. A thunder here, a lightning there with some spells of showers as if they are testing their mic settings.   Once everything is in place, they have a blast.  In flashes of tempestuous pitch and torrential downpour, they sing nonstop to a rumbling orchestra.

dark moods vocalize      

with thunderous acoustics

rainy symphony

Inspired by the heavy rains lashing out last evening.

Haibun is a Japanese genre of combining prose with poetry. The key to the art of haibun is the graceful pairing of poem and prose, where the poem links to the prose yet shifts away from it.


41 thoughts on “Haibun – The Stormy Concert!”

  1. Could make a beautiful bollywood script Radhika🙂 starts like a fairytale and after intermission the baddies start to gang up, loud threats followed with the real deal of firing and fighting, it all evidently ends well and the skies clear up again.

    Loved the metaphor of the mic testing followed by the actual concert 👌

    I love rains though and often go out on the roof to get drenched if the temperatures are right 😇

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  2. Love how you kept the musical imagery throughout: “rainy symphony”; “rumbling orchestra”; “band of clouds”. And then used words like “spotlight” and “announce” and “pitch”. Masterful work!

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