Water – Reality Check!

In response to Shweta’s 6 word story prompt #56 : Water

They can be read as individual stories or together as one. A grim tale with a strong message.

Dirk Wohlrabe@pixabay.com

Wealth futile, if there’s no water.

Year 2050 – water most expensive resource.

Water wars…coming soon…trailers out.

My worst nightmare – an arid earth.

Each drop an elixir – save water.


55 thoughts on “Water – Reality Check!”

  1. Grim message of dire truth facing us. Given how things happen, trying for complete people responsibilities won’t pull us through though we shouldn’t stop educating the mass for the cause, there has to be a scientific breakthrough somewhere, not sure what it would be though.

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    1. Yes, but collectively we are responsible for the situation we are in today. Somehow the policy makers don’t seem to give much importance to it. Environment, natural resources, deforestation for construction, global warming and consequent water woes are all interlinked.They really have to rework their strategies to bail us out of this possible scenario. In the meantime we have to do our bit towards water conservation.

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      1. Agree Radhika, you are right too. That way the least we can do is spread awareness, and practice in real life. Difficult situations to implement and enforce at large scale.

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