Sanguine Spirit!

Vibrant confetti of leaves

ochre, brown and red

rustle an autumnal melody

twirl to the wispy breeze

revel under the harvest moon

spray a mist of spicy scents

delight the sensory emotions.

As Fall bids a final adieu

the fronds let go,

without any attachments

to their soul tree.

They sway in gay abandon

swirling and whirling in the finale,

before kissing the earthy bosom,

to be buried under winter’s white blanket.


82 thoughts on “Sanguine Spirit!”

  1. Radhika, the poem is as beautiful as that picture is, the colours of fall are wonderful indeed, to be hidden by the dreary white blanket of winter. Love the depiction of the autumnal leaves as confetti, so apt!
    And here, we don’t have a fall which is noteworthy, but that white blanket of winter provides a great attraction for us, we go far and wide to be able to see that πŸ™‚


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