The Question Remains…

Lock Down, Lock, Year, Nostalgia, Era, Door, Metal

Lock down changed life forever

redefined many facets.

We tasted virtual reality bites

embraced a minimalistic approach,

nature rejuvenated, when we were caged.

Emotions came about in a mixed bag.

Familial bonds recharged with great vigor

skills honed, connections renewed.

Some had to endure the pangs of separation,

mental health issues rocked a few.

The health workers are true warriors

fighting an enemy unknown.

The harsh plight of migrant workers

brought to fore, many kind souls amongst us,

 reaching out with helping hands,

 the blessed, bowed down in gracious thanksgiving.

Now all masked up, as we unlock our cages,

this question continues to torment me…

Will man emerge wiser from the pandemic?

will we respect this freedom now


will we go back to our old ways?

Reena’s exploration Challenge #163

V. J’s weekly challenge #123 Warriors



In response to Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge : Post photographs of alphabet words having both r and s.

Street! Now isn’t this a perfect street to take a stroll by the sea, with the blue sky and serene waves for company?
Stray dogs enjoying their afternoon siesta!
Sunrise, heralding a new day, gifting us a “today” to be alive to each moment of it!
Rusted, but not routed 😉
Ruins, do you hear my story?
Seashore, Ah! But I don’t see anyone selling sea shells by the seashore…

Journey of Love!

sergey mikheev

Fragile seeds of relationship sown

boundless patience thaws frozen apprehensions

warm sunshine embraces the insecurities

roots sink in strong

sprouts, sprigs of kindred spirit.

Romance matures to deep love

tender buds blossoms

each petal, pregnant with emotion, unfurls,

emanates affectionate scents

colors of spring fill the canvas of life.

The tree of togetherness begets sweet fruits

strong boughs branch out

palms fold in a prayer,

soul satiates in gratefulness

heart drinks in the elixir of true bliss!

The Perfect Recipe!

Image credit: Angéle Kamp @ Unsplash

What does this picture inspire you to write : Sadje’s challenge #57

Sharing a simple and fool proof recipe for life’s perfect cake!

Life, they say is no piece of cake. I believe, it is, if you get the ingredients right!

Sieve into a bowl of values,

A cup of gratitude,

Half a cup of faith and a dollop of love.

Whisk in a pinch of gratitude

Gently blend in a dose of promise

Fold in a spoonful of commitment

Whip in an ounce of resilience

 Bake in the oven of hard work

 Swirl it with flavor of memories and a sprinkle of laughter

 Light the candle of passion.


Enjoy the delicious and sweet bite of success!

The Kali Project!

I am delighted to announce that 3 of my poems, The Dark S(k)in, Becoming Me and I am a Curse have been selected from about a 1000 poems to be featured in The Kali Project Anthology. A brain child of Candice Lousia and Megha Sood, it brings together Indian women writers and artists sharing their feelings and penning their voices on issues and challenges Indian women face today, ranging from gender inequality, sexual harassment, abuse, rape, dowry, honor killing and in some cases even survival. It is my privilege to be featured along with many talented Indian women writers. Thanks to Candice and Megha for this opportunity and believing in my work. This is published by Indie Blue Publishing, slated for a winter release. Do stay tuned for further announcement on the release date.

Tanka – Unrecognizable!

Image credit; Phmaxiestevez @ Pixabay

lost intimacy

relationship turns turbid

oppressive control

fists scar her innate psyche

succumbs to insanity

Sadje’s WDYS : Does this picture inspire you to write something?

V,J’s weekly challenge #121 : Intimacy


a speck,

a flicker

a ray

and finally  brilliant radiance

that devours darkness.

Light to me denotes hope and promise

a journey from

 ignorance to knowledge

negative to positive

gloom to happiness

chaos to calm

stagnation to growth

pride to humility

I to We.

Reena’s exploration challenge #161 :” I invite you to meditate on light this week, and share your take on the subject”.

Happy Diwali!

pc : aditi

This Diwali,


the swaying lanterns blow away the gloomy clouds of despair

the colors of the rangoli welcome happiness to every doorstep

we cleanse our hearts from malice against each other

we declutter our minds from negative emotions

the relish of the sweets infuse sweetness in our speech

we stay away from crackers to respect the health of mother earth

the chants of the hymns resonate peace and well being across the globe

the essence of good over evil kill the strains of the pandemic

the dazzle of the diyas illuminate the world with hope of a healing tomorrow.

Wishing you all a very happy and prosperous Diwali

*rangoli – Traditional Indian decoration and patterns made outside the door with ground rice specially during festivals.

*diya- a cup shaped oil lamp made of baked clay

Never ending questions…

Godogcafe’s Tuesday writing prompt : Pick 3 words with “w” and use it in any form of writing.

Why, where, when, which, what

a mom’s most used glossary

dialogue with kids

It is an inherent quality in mothers, the world over to worry about the welfare of their children. While it good to care about their well-being, too much of questioning irritates them and children feel stifled in such an environment.While parenting styles have undergone a  total shift today, adapting to the changing times, these questions continue to be the favorites in a mother’s vocabulary while talking to her children.

What do you think?

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