The Perfect Recipe!

Image credit: Angéle Kamp @ Unsplash

What does this picture inspire you to write : Sadje’s challenge #57

Sharing a simple and fool proof recipe for life’s perfect cake!

Life, they say is no piece of cake. I believe, it is, if you get the ingredients right!

Sieve into a bowl of values,

A cup of gratitude,

Half a cup of faith and a dollop of love.

Whisk in a pinch of gratitude

Gently blend in a dose of promise

Fold in a spoonful of commitment

Whip in an ounce of resilience

 Bake in the oven of hard work

 Swirl it with flavor of memories and a sprinkle of laughter

 Light the candle of passion.


Enjoy the delicious and sweet bite of success!


75 thoughts on “The Perfect Recipe!”

  1. Amazingly creative and the best cake recipe I ever read 🙂
    Easily available ingredients, simple steps to follow, yet we so often falter in bakingb the perfect cake of happiness.

    Liked by 1 person

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