Slow Poison!

Image credit; Cheryl Holt @ Pixabay

Two tiny angels, hand in hand

dressed pretty, picking posies

dimpled giggles, bubbling laughter

 playing naughty pranks

excited over a broken tooth,

sharing half eaten candies

discussing in all seriousness, about their bag of trinkets

frolicking merrily behind meandering butterflies.

Indulging in pure childhood joys,

oblivious of their skin colors,

they revel in a world of happiness with each other,

Until the sentinels of society

grab them with their tainted hands

feed their tender minds with malefic thoughts,

tarnish their naïve souls

with malice against each other.

With time, innocence gradually fades

distancing themselves under myopic racial scoff.

Sadje’s What do you see # 58. Does the above image inspire you to write something?


64 thoughts on “Slow Poison!”

  1. I got immersed in how beautifully you painted their childhood joys and forgot that I had read the perfect title you gave this piece. The sad realty of society too you painted equally beautifully. I truly wish we return all stolen innocence.

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  2. Reminded of my grand daughter with her friends. How society tarnishes relationships and we call ourselves civilized. Enjoyed reading this lyrical poem.


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