And Forever…

Image credit; Shche- Team @ Unsplash

A first dreamy date, basked in the

warmth of sunshine romance,

comes alive with the glint of scented vanilla,

 that wafts with the fragrant scarlet red asters.

Drenched in crimson tides of passion

timeless whispers pen love sonnets

 heart-warming gestures, moor their soul

like wine, their bond matures with age.

Today the old radio plays a nostalgic song,

 silver strands define the receding hairline,

toothless smiles brighten the twilight years

wrinkled hands tether to old pictures,

 visit the boulevard of sepia toned memories.

Joyful reminiscence of the bygone seasons

unwinds a spool of snapshots

 scripting their saga of eternal love.

Sadje’s prompt WDYS #60 : How does the above pic inspire you?

V. J’s weekly challenge # 125 : Heart warming


75 thoughts on “And Forever…”

    1. Thank you Cheryl. Yes, today it’s rare to see couples in this kind of everlasting togetherness. But I have a few couples in my family who have celebrated close to 6-7 decades of happiness together. This one is a tribute to such couples all across ❤️

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    1. Thanks Kamal. Oh yes, that was like the golden Era. I was very fond of listening to the radio. Would sit late into the night enjoying the different programs and songs. The radio took me back in time kindling beautiful memories ❤️

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