green bench covered with snow
Vidar Nordli Mathisen@unsplash

Autumnal hues fade

seasonal baton exchanged,

bleak dreary act unfolds

 gentle snowflakes cascade

kiss the earth in hushed tones

burying the winters whisper

in absolute white silence.

The melancholy numbs the poetic musings

 frigid ink stares at the blank pages

frosty madness eclipses sanity

awaits the arrival of spring,

to thaw the frozen thoughts.


64 thoughts on “Frozen!”

  1. Hello! 🙋‍♂️How are you? Hope all is well.😃

    Wishing you and your family Merry Christmas 💐 💞. Spend this day surrounded by your loved ones!

    With loads of Love 💝
    Simon & Nisha

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  2. Lovely words…it makes me wanna pack my bags and go off to the nearest place where I can experience snowflakes the way you described…but in reality I might experience Covid so best to stay at home and imagine 😀😀

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