A Day Without Water!

stainless steel faucet on white ceramic sink
Jos Speetjens@unsplash

Last April that awful day, when water left us high and dry

a lesson learnt the hard way, will stay with me forever.

Summer announced its arrival with the mercury soaring,

adding to the woes, the pandemic locked us indoors.

The old leaky connection pipe succumbed under pressure at night,

 the next  morning the taps at home went dry.

A call to the water board confirmed our worst fears,

the wait for a tanker would be an endless one.

With shutters of shops down, the repair too would be a prolonged affair

fractious moods ensued a torrent of rants and expletives,

 a house full of people letting off their steam,

finally sapped of energy, the listless souls vented muffled sighs.

A kind neighbour lent us a can of water,

Rationing its use, the trailer made us realise,

we don’t want to watch the movie, “A day without water”, ever again.

Perspectives changed, importance of water redefined.

Water crisis, shortage, stressor, scarcity, you name it

will be the global vocabulary of future

mindful conservation is a mantra to be followed.

 each drop is an elixir, a shout out to all “ Please Save Water”!!

Reena’s Exploration Challenge # 168


65 thoughts on “A Day Without Water!”

  1. Saving water is fine. The ‘tank mafia’ makes life difficult. They do something to make a major pipeline burst causing a crisis. It leads to enhanced sale of tankers, Bisleri and people ordering food from outside.

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  2. Absolutely!!! Thoughts on this are so well expressed here, R. My kids struggle without running water, for even few hours of tank cleaning .. I hope they realise how important a resource it is!!

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  3. We learned out lesson here, when in 2018 Cape Town almost did run out of water and we faced the prospect of ‘Day Zero’ when the taps would run dry and we would all have to queue at stand pipes for a meagre daily water ration. Thankfully the crisis was averted, but we’ve changed out habits forever. Never waste a drop!

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  4. I have seen this movie several times!!! Scary
    Still the people of my colony in the name of washing their house want to develop paddy fields on the roads😂😂😂

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  5. I completely agree with you, Radhika. Water is our lifeline we all need to take a lot of care of water. We can live without food but not without water. Where I stay in Mumbai I have never seen water twenty-four hours we get in the night at 8.00 for only 45 minutes and also without a pump water will not come. This is our plight.

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  6. Extremely powerful write-up, Radhika. A day without water…this movie shouldn’t be repeated but most of the time people don’t try to imagine how awful it may be. Every drop matters😐 After spending 45 days(the year 2019) with my dry water tape I learnt the lesson😧😧

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    1. My god, 45 days without proper water supply is hard to imagine. But if people at large today don’t take care about modest usage of water, this might be sadly true in the times to come. Thank you Rosida!!


    1. I know Cornelia… In many parts of India, women folk walk for miles to get a few pots of water every day. That is a harsh plight to be faced with. .So we are lucky to be having continuous supply of water. We should respect that blessing indeed.

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