Scarlet Love!

Image credit; Simona Sergi @ Unsplash

The gentle chimes announce

the fragrance of your letter

from across the seven seas

twirling at my doorstep.

Indigo ink frame the calligraphic letters

pouring emotions on to the papyrus.

Words dipped in intense passion

come alive on the scented pages.

My heart impassioned by your poetic scribbles

 beats in a feral frenzy.

Your love wraps me in a warm embrace,

satiates my tendrils of longing,

sealing it with your scarlet love.

Sadje’s WDYS Challenge #65


77 thoughts on “Scarlet Love!”

  1. Ahh … Radhika, this is beautiful and captures that intense excitement and joy of a mmissive from a loved one – something which many will alas never experience in today’s digital world and what a loss to them!

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  2. This is such nostalgic lovely poetry Radhika!
    Those wonderful days of letters, waiting for the postman and some letters to be kept safe to read them again and again.
    I still have a few 20 years old letters with meโ€ฆ๐Ÿ™‚

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