Tanka – Undecided…

Protocol vaccine

the rushed clinical trials

crossroad dilemma

confusing anomalies

uncertain mind-set prevails

Reena’s Exploration Challenge# 169


59 thoughts on “Tanka – Undecided…”

  1. As we learn in marketing, people want a hole in the wall, not a drilling machine. The point is getting back to a normal life — how and why needs to be answered before arriving at a decision. Will it help me travel, call the maids in, go without a mask? I guess sanitisation procedures are getting ingrained in household routines and will stay.

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  2. Radhika, your poem is of the moment and written with tight finesse … however, everyone I know is only too happy to have the vaccine and try to find some way back to semblance of our lives before, to see our loved ones. It’s been SO long now and the horrific death count in the U.K. and USA is relentless, overwhelming.

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    1. Agree Annika. It is heart breaking to read about the massive deaths… something now close to the world war numbers.
      In India the vaccine has received a decent acceptance with the health care workers inoculated in the first round. No major adverse reactions. So that is positive news. But people at large are still sceptical about its efficacy. Keeping fingers crossed.

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  3. Great poetry expressed at such a critical time in our world Radhika!!!
    I’m certain I’m uncertain but in the end when all shakes out it probably be the only one I’ve ever taken. β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

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  4. We are at crossroads and you have captured the indecision very beautifully and poetically Radhika. The reason for indecision is true, yet this seems to offer the one way out for the world, what with second and third waves coming. I am for vaccination, and hopefully the results have not shown much adverse effects till now.

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    1. Yes, it’s very encouraging that there have been no major adverse effects of the vaccine. I guess with time people will be more open to getting themselves vaccinated. Thanks Deb. Hopefully things will settle down soon.


  5. You reached the heart of the matter. Almost everything has a risk and a reward. I am uncertain if the real risks and the real rewards have been articulated to the society as a whole. Hope the truth wins out, and we eventually reach a better place.


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