In response to V. J’s weekly challenge Threes. “Sum up a story in 3 words or three lines of three words”

I have written a pair of threes, highlighting how spoken words in a relationship can make or mar them.

brown sand with water waves during daytime
engin akyrut@unsplash
  1. Caustic tongues lash

corrodes relationships’s scaffolding

crumbled emotional detritus.

2. Amiable patient dialogues

propensity to forgive

sinews of relationship.


61 thoughts on “Relationships!”

    1. Yes Pragalbha. Very true. I have seen how harsh words create a rift in relationships, yet people don’t refrain from indulging in them. And I have seen the other side where a little bit of patience and forgiveness goes a long way in cementing the bond. Just penned them down here.
      Thanks a lot Pragalbha for sharing your thoughts.

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  1. Both are intricately beautiful on how stung, angry tongues can destroy. Sometimes, it pays to take a breathe and be patient not to unleash anger. Relationships are meant to be nurtured, like honey and thorn together.

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