An ode to the Ordinary!

Doodle by my daughter

The cover of my book depicts an essence of commonality

 it pens reflection of  my gratitude, to the many silent doers

 highlighting their sensitivity towards a humane life.

Ordinary lives of people, making an extraordinary difference!

Unlocking their repertoire of goodness

they leave a trail of kindness,

 soothe another’s pain, feed a hungry mouth

they gift a moment of lift, to the lesser fortunate.

We don’t need heroes in capes, we find many among us

who choose to make a difference, in their own small way.

Their selfless service, serves a sliver of humanity

in today’s disintegrating values of the world.

An ode to the ordinary, making an extraordinary difference!!

Reena’s Exploration Challenge #176: ” If you are a book, what will the cover look like? “

Eugenia’s weekly prompt : Extraordinary


78 thoughts on “An ode to the Ordinary!”

  1. Radhika! It makes for powerful cover tapping into gentleness and lives to evolve, an ode to the commoners struggling. Absolutely beautiful with depth and sensitivity. I would love to read the book someday 🙂

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  2. Compliments to your daughter! I don’t know how old is she, but displays amazing sensitivity to the outside world. She is lucky enough to have a mother who completes the ‘jugalbandi’. Reminds me of the TV show I’m watching these days – Wagle ki Duniya.

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  3. I love your daughter’s doodle! And your poem is amazing and spot on! True, we don’t need heroes wearing capes because the real heroes are those that make a difference by just being themselves. Thank you for joining in.

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  4. So amazing how you blended the 2 prompts – you are really so talented at this. The poem conveyed the feeling of your book cover so beautifully designed by your daughter, and the book cover brings out the essence of your poem so perfectly. The probable difference between the extra ordinary and the ordinary has been my favorite contemplation often – and I agree with your message, the lines are so blurred. Multiple extra ordinaries make up the everyday ordinary humanity.

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    1. Absolutely Pragalbha. Just today I came to know about another lady here, who looks after street kids with so much care and love, often cooking and feeding for them too. These ordinary people just become extraordinary with their kind deeds.
      Thank you for your appreciation my friend ❤️

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