Walk in the Woods!

The walk along the muddy trail of the forest was a revelation. The sky kissing trees breathed an organic scent. The verdure paradise was slowly awakening from its deep mossy slumber into a moist misty morning.  The raw breeze and foggy veil had a mystic allure to it. Their entwined roots and strong embracing boughs were a testimony of their primeval connect.

 The twigs crunched under my feet as I ambled along the wet brown path.  The woody heaven came alive to the sounds of the forest. The tweet of the birds, scuttling rabbits, rustling foliage, scurrying squirrels, hissing reptiles, trill of the insects, shrieks of arboreal creatures and the cry of the wild, all playing at their own rhythm yet orchestrating a perfect harmony.

The ambiance of the forest stopped the clock. I lost myself into her welcoming arms. Under the canopy of a green palette, I inhaled the freshness of natural wonder, soaked in the beauty of flora and fauna, admired the medley of diversity, and listened to the pure and earthen tales of the wilderness. I enjoyed my solitude in the company of nature.


76 thoughts on “Walk in the Woods!”

  1. It is like you knew exactly what is needed in the air today – I truly enjoyed immersing in this imagery that you created, a real feeling experience with your words, where time stops and we get to indulge and immerse ourselves in being and being one with the richness of existence.

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    1. Absolutely Pragalbha. It’s such rejuvenating experience when we immerse ourselves in the pristine and unadulterated charm of nature. The feeling of oneness that the soul experiences, is hard to explain in words.
      Thank you so much Pragalbha. Have a lovely day!!

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      1. So beautifully said again. It was a delight to me to read your post right after posting something on similar lines, I found your post very rich for what I was already feeling. You are very welcome 💛

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  2. This is poetry in motion, pure and delicate beautiful done with the stroke of imagination. Absolute in awe of the description and perfect in painting such a powerful imagery. Superb writing, Radhika.

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  3. Your words paint a beautiful picture of Nature here Radhika! The moist air can almost be felt, the nature songs heard and the woody aroma inhaled. Just back from a Nature vacation, this took me back momentarily 🙂

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