Deliciously Disastrous!

Oreo cookie sandwiches dessert in short-stem glass
Emile Mbunzama@unsplash

A fun poem from me this time πŸ™‚

Silken textures

melony fusions

a citrus tease

caramel swirls

fruity punch

nutty delights

creamy chocolate

coffee frappe

saffron trails

spicy berry

vanilla tendrils

sugary treats

cinnamon tales

gooey affairs

decadent desserts

bursts of flavor

insatiable cravings

sinful indulgence

karma bites

weight soars

clothes shrink!

Reena’s Exploration challenge 178 : Karma Bites

Eugenia’s weekly prompt : Swirling


81 thoughts on “Deliciously Disastrous!”

  1. Somebody please tell me what saffron tastes like. When I visit Italy whenever that will be, I sure will indulge on saffron, but till then, I will taste it through somebody experience. Now see how your poem got me thinking of food πŸ™‚

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      1. I know! I watched a documentary that mentioned the price. It left me gaping, honestly. But the way you describe it sounds like it is worth it.


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