In Gratitude!

Ic: Jasmin Chew @ unsplash

I surrender my pain to the soul of the universe

to look beyond the illusion of emptiness, that besieges my heart.

My teary emotions dry under the illumination

of the starry moon dust.

My closed eyes watch a display of snippets of life

unfold a scenic panorama.

I anchor on to light of trust

as the dark shadows of hurt begin to recede.

I harvest a refulgent slice of peace

from the abundance of the cosmic energy,

in gratitude .

Sadje’s WDYS #75

V. J’s weekly challenge : snippets


72 thoughts on “In Gratitude!”

    1. I have actually felt this emptiness which I later realised it only illusionary, many a time. With acceptance, trust and gratitude one meets peace. Thanks for understanding the essence of the poem so well Cheryl ❤️❤️

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      1. 🤗❤️
        Yes, new session begins tomorrow!! I haven’t been very active, but hopefully I will be now. Good talking to you after so long too 🤗💞


  1. Very very beautiful and peaceful poem Radhika. I wish I read it for the first time in the evening, but I could always read is again 🙂 standing below the vast universe, looking up is always so uplifting to a soul which is feeling down. Your poem triggers similar feelings Radhika, very soothing and calming!

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