The Scribbles!

Colored, Pencils, Colors, Crayons, Colours, Coloured

She refused to paint the scribbled wall. “I love you Mom” stared back at her. She missed her little daughter!

Akansha’s twenty word tale prompt #31 : Colours


50 thoughts on “The Scribbles!”

  1. Bless! Radhika, so much in these few lines, beautifully capturing the heartache of a child leaving home! She does right to leave the words on the wall – they will help to get her through the days!

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  2. We were getting ready to paint the living room. I cried when I saw my daughter’s tear stains on the wall in the corner where she used to do time-outs. She was a very well-behaved child and was seldom given a time-out. ❤ Thank you for this lovely poem that brings back memories! Have a great weekend, Radhika!

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    1. I know, its very difficult to let go of them. I have all their scribbles, greeting cards they made when they were little, their kindergarten books where they wrote their first alphabets…❤️
      Thanks for stopping by!!

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