50 thoughts on “The Scribbles!”

  1. Bless! Radhika, so much in these few lines, beautifully capturing the heartache of a child leaving home! She does right to leave the words on the wall – they will help to get her through the days!

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  2. We were getting ready to paint the living room. I cried when I saw my daughter’s tear stains on the wall in the corner where she used to do time-outs. She was a very well-behaved child and was seldom given a time-out. ❤ Thank you for this lovely poem that brings back memories! Have a great weekend, Radhika!

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    1. I know, its very difficult to let go of them. I have all their scribbles, greeting cards they made when they were little, their kindergarten books where they wrote their first alphabets…❤️
      Thanks for stopping by!!

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