Life’s Milestones…

person touching assorted candles

Bubbly baby’s progress defines

growing up milestones

painted in playful contours

in a blissful innocent world.

Teenage years chart a new course

mark the many firsts…a date, a kiss

romantic crush or rebellious streak

friends and ambition play a pivotal role

zeal to accomplish inks the milestones.

With a step into the professional world,

life ebbs into a comfort zone

many settle to the society’s norms

honor the events that unfold in due course

targets at work and family goals, outline the milestones.

Fading twilight waits for the ebony sky

to move on, into a destination unknown.

A glance into life’s rear view mirror reflects

  celebration of life with its many milestones.

 The heart whispers a thanksgiving prayer!

Reena’s Exploratin Challenge #180 : Milestone

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Playful


61 thoughts on “Life’s Milestones…”

  1. You have charted a whole lifetime so beautifully Radhika! I notice how the initial years have words which represent uncharted freedom, joy, bliss and yet as you mention we step into the comfort zone post movement into the professional zone. I know that is how it is interpreted, but to me all the real discomforts start from here on 🙂
    And hopefully we all have a life so fulfilling that our heart whispers a thanksgiving prayer when we look back at the rear view mirror – a toast to that from me 🙂

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    1. Yes Deb, most of us become comfortable in our discomfort zones 😒

      Life grows progressively tougher with every new phase – being a baby being the best. But once we have understood the basics all the seasons of life are fun 😊

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    2. Many thanks for that lovely feedback Deb. I guess nobody’s life is perfect. Each phase has its own set of challenges. When one achieves a milestone despite those challenges, the accomplishment is more gratifying.
      But, I believe we all have a lot in our plate, to express a prayer of thanksgiving. Hope your life blesses you with many such moments of happiness and achievements when you look back. 💙💜


  2. Wow! You described it really well. Beautifully written.
    Quoting a line ‘many settle to the Society’s norms’, I assume here that with no intention, people lower their expectations to fit into the world.
    And it reminds me of one more lines, of that day be day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different.

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    1. Thank you Ritish. While the majority settle to the routine, a few question and challenge themselves to draw up their own itinerary in life, rather than follow the society’s norms.
      And yes then at the end, the backward glance at the road traversed gives an all new perspective. Thanks for sharing that line 😊

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  3. I see how lifespans are divided into milestones. The problem starts when we compare with others and whip ourselves for missing a milestone. Like girls may choose to stay single or child free, but parents get all knotted about it.

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    1. I agree Reena. Comparison allows insecurities and frustrations to creep in.
      Well, we are yet to evolve as a society who respects a person’s decision (specially a woman) who defies societal norms to live life on her own terms.

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  4. Absolutely loved reading the course of a lifetime through your talent of beautiful composing. The last few lines made me smile, that would be the goal – to be able to look in the rear view mirror with a smile and heartfelt humble gratitude.

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  5. You have a wonderful way of making deep massages extremely poetic and beautiful. Lovely work! This is so good: “painted in playful contours”; “Fading twilight waits for the ebony sky”.


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