Etching Our Destiny!

Image credit; Andrew Morris @ Unsplash

The ruby sun readies to dip

into the shimmering waters,

Horizon curls into a speckled band

as twilight kisses it,

The panoramic seascape changes color as

the saline breeze whispers softly

Gentle darkness descends to the rhythm of

the receding tide

The glowing luna enters the timeless expanse

of star studded sky.

We walk hand in hand watching the ebbing

waves wane our footprints,

The tangerine glow of the fairy lights

sets a perfect ambiance

As we etch our dreamy destiny of togetherness

in the fragile sands of time.

Sadje’s WDYS #77


80 thoughts on “Etching Our Destiny!”

  1. This is Junie-Jesh from All Seasons! Can’t figure out why, but your link this week does not work out. I tried to copy and paste if (the puzzle and castle and Paul Klee one), but I still couldn’t reach your post. Sorry! Hope you see this, and maybe try again to leave a ping back or perma link? Thanks so much! Jesh

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  2. How beautiful is that imagery Radhika, great poem! This is triggering my vacation impulses again 🙂

    I would love to be marooned on a private island with my family and with lots of provisions and nice food and a nice beach side house and no Covid carrying crowd or WiFi.
    Walk the silver sands, watch the beautiful sunrise, sunset and moonlight on the shining waters – bliss!

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  3. The shape of the poem reflects the waves coming in and going out. You’ve taken me there with your wonderful words… and I’m wandering along the sand, hand in hand… such peace 🙂 Love it, Radhika!

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