Reflective Space!

lighted incense

The second wave of the pandemic has gripped many parts of the world.  With a steep spike in daily cases, an untold anxiety and fear cripples the mind. A home today has a wider purview to be more inclusive. With members of the family confined indoors, working from home, online classes, everything under the same roof, there is bound to be some amount of mayhem…. a clash of schedules and tempers. Bedrooms and living rooms converted into office/school, the table is strewn with many gadgets, paper and all kinds of accessories. The video call at odd times, demands the voice decibels to remain low. Imagine one’s own room has restricted entry today.  A great deal of tenacity is required to cope up with the deluge of mental stress hitting us from all directions.

We all have, to some extent found our own mechanisms to handle the uncertainties surrounding us today. My sacred space is a small alcove in my home, where I have silent conversations with myself, indulge in some self-love, heal my pain and calm my mind. Believe me, this quiet time with myself in my cozy corner, is helping me a great deal to maintain my sanity, in an otherwise cacophonic home today.

Empower the mind to deal with turbulent emotions

created by the ripples of life.

Diffuse the torrent, channelize a path,

indulge in holistic living.

Spend solitary moments in mindful silence,

ruminate on the breath.

 Let the receptive ears soak in the serenading

 harmony of nature.

Allow the incessant tears flow from the closed eyes,

cleansing the impurities from the system.

With focussed reflection,

the confluence of the body and mind

transcends beyond the realm of universe.

Feel the abundance of divine energy manifest within,

cradling the self with a healing light.

As a benign balm of spiritual ecstasy fills it,

a sense of empyreal peace pervades.

Finally the,

mind is empowered to deal with the turbulent emotions!

Reena’s exploration challenge #181 : Sacred space

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Reflections


74 thoughts on “Reflective Space!”

  1. Radhika, I’m glad you’ve found a tranquil alcove within your home to escape the indoor cacophony of the new and enforced way of life. Your poetry is flourishing and this is a beautiful reflection on the power of the mind to calm our inner being. I love the thought of ‘ balm of spiritual ecstasy’ settling upon one!

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    1. Annika, sometimes life gets so overwhelming that it becomes difficult to calm the mental turbulence within. Thankfully, meditation is opening that door for me to let the nascent rays of sunshine in and drive away the darkness and the din surrounding me. Today I am truly grateful for so many blessings in my life.
      Thanks so much Annika. Hope you are doing well and the situation is under control in your country.

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      1. Radhika, thank you I am doing well but it has been tough. After six months of lockdown and strict restrictions the shops reopened last Monday and outside dining with six now allowed. We are being super cautious and see how it goes … you take good care. Thank you for your inspiring message .. it helps a lot. xx

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  2. Radhika, how wonderfully captured. It’s all so relatable. For me the line… “Empower the mind to deal with turbulent emotions”… Just hits so close to home and then the uplifting re-wording at the end… Perfection.

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  3. You describe so well what is the reality for so many people now. That place of solitude is so necessary, and I relate so well to the cleansing tears followed by a kind of peace again. This is so good.

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      1. Keep letting them come. It is not weak to cry, as many people try to tell us. Tears are there for a purpose. I do love what you wrote. Smile.

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  4. Very well put Radhika, beautiful thoughts within the body of a beautiful poem! Personal space, Connecting with ones own, a bit of tranquility is very necessary in today’s “all from home” world. And it’s even more challenging because the ones you are momentarily shying away from are the near and dear ones. But there is too much captive energy inside the four walls nowadays, and if not managed well can erupt 🙂

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    1. Ah…yes the captive energy, the frustrations and anxieties make a very volatile combo, ready to explode at the slightest trigger. Cultivating patience and a calm mind is the call of the day to deal with it 😊. Thanks a lot Deb. Have a lovely evening !!


      1. These baby steps are the most important Radhika. Just keep moving 😊💖

        What you described is so true at our home too – children’s rooms are now bedrooms cum office and school 😅 And at times I can hear multiple talks going on. Luckily we have a duplex and my room is quiet and peaceful- my sanctuary.

        Stay happy. Stay loved 🥰

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  5. Spend solitary moments in mindful silence,
    ruminate on the breath.
    Let the receptive ears soak in the serenading
    harmony of nature.

    How you put these words together, amazing and beautiful! I’m loving it. I could just keep repeating those words over and over and it already made me smile. Thank you for sharing your beautiful poem.

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  6. ‘Allow the incessant tears flow from the closed eyes,
    cleansing the impurities from the system.’
    Agree on this completely.
    The turmoil inside the head needs to be fixed by controlling it. The crazy times are in need of this.
    Thank you for sharing this art piece kindly 🙂 I resonate with your words.


  7. These are intense times indeed. Too much to process, digest, integrate. Sacred spaces are so much the need – to help focus and heal in ways needed. Tears and expression of emotions so important … your poem is so beautiful and powerful to read ✨💛✨


  8. Radhika – Glad that you have found some solace amidst the turmoil that is going on. You have expressed your thoughts with clarity and that reflects the fact that you have nurtured very well the inner well being.

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  9. Yes, the current situation is alarming due to the sudden outbreak of second wave and you have covered all the aspects in today’s living. Indeed, having conversation with myself is the way to control the emotions to deal with the current situation… Very nice post… can be easily related…

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