Who’ll feed me?

Image credit; Gabriella Clare Marino@ Unsplash

A small café out in the suburbs, I owned

sunshine hues ushered in a happy mood

regular clientele stayed loyal

life was modest, yet I was content, until last year.

Life has never been the same since,

with the doors of my café forced shut

the pandemic’s shadow cast a gloomy spell,

 lockdown came as an inexorable curse.

The affluent, whine about being confined indoors

but think not about the many like me.

I, who once served meals to so many

today, struggle to feed myself!

Sadje’s What do you see #78

V.J’s weekly Challenge : I’m Bored


73 thoughts on “Who’ll feed me?”

  1. “I, who once served meals to so many

    today, struggle to feed myself!”…awww this one hits me the most… i could only imagine this small cafe/restaurant owners shutting down their businesses due to pandemic…

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  2. So well written! There’s a café that I frequent in my town. The owner had to close a few times, asked his employees to split working hours, and unfortunately had to let some go. But things are starting to pick up since it’s warmer (northeast region) and the community really goes out to support his café along with other local business! You captured it so well!

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    1. I know the pandemic has been very harsh for many small time owners of different establishments. I am glad thinks are looking good your side of the world. Let’s hope for the same across the globe.
      Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here 😊

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