Changing Viewpoint!


This was a view from my window

bustling life, honking cars, jostling crowds.

It narrated tales of people on the move,

and I loathed that cacophony.


A prisoner, within the walls of my home

I look at the eerie stillness of the deserted street.

The heart yearns to listen to sounds of hustle bustle

only to be greeted by the siren of the ambulance.


I pray that the new dawn is a harbinger of hope

bringing with it the gift of healing.

Life returns with its busyness

and this time,

 I would welcome the cacophony!

Sadje’s WDYS #82

Eugi’s weekly prompt : Viewpoint!


76 thoughts on “Changing Viewpoint!”

  1. How right you are Radhika. There was a time when people were fed up with the noise and hectic pace of life. And now most of them want it back. Thanks for joining in

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  2. The feelings attached to the words is echoing inside me. So want to be a part of the hustle now, turn on the Activa and be a part of the honking cars. Miss that rage now.
    Wonderfully expressed the inner voice.

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  3. What once was is so dearly missed! Nostalgia is always captivating but when it comes at the helm of an unfortunate ‘today’, it’s painfully heartbreaking. All I wish and pray is for those ambulance sirens to stop…Very beautifully expressed.

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