Divine Catharsis

Here is a collaborative effort with a fellow blogger, Amber from DiosRaw. It was truly an amazing and enriching experience, working on this collaboration together. Hope you enjoy and feel our words, bringing out the ecstasy of divinity with nature.

ic: Mo Barton

Spanning horizons, arched across skies in a spectrum of hues lit up by sun beams, magical ephemeral chalked translucent blue skies, a covenant of love after floods.

The iridescent colors greet the prismatic beauty of dawn with a sublime embrace, the halcyon zephyr sprinkles glossy dew drops of verdure reflection.

The cosmic intelligence chiselled a raindrop murmuring melodic drips with a stem cradling a satin leaf, clasping gems to reveal something of itself betwixt an atmosphere of solace.

Whispering arcane secrets of the night, the pearly crystal beads pirouette, kissing the tender buds, gently cascade into the bosom of infinity.

Raging, crashing torrents by the technicolour sphere, bubbling, foaming, gushing down into the ravine, spurting upwards, spraying aqua flickered into air; turning to tears melting and trickling down soaked cheeks of drowning waterfalls.

In solitude, amidst the confluence of the boundless benevolence of the realms of eternity, the sacred sacrament of nature, the embryonic soul experiences a divine catharsis.


75 thoughts on “Divine Catharsis”

  1. Wowza! What a great ending line: β€œthe embryonic soul experiences a divine catharsis.” And then so many more that I could pull out. Like this: β€œa covenant of love after floods.” Exceptional merger of words!

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    1. Thanks a lot Ben.
      Nature’s mystical charm casts a magical spell, when the soul is drenched in its pristine aura. Amber is a phenomenal writer. Thoroughly enjoyed working together. Glad you liked our collab work.

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  2. Wow, I’m at a loss for words. Two writers at the top of their game spilling out their heart-felt expressions for us to read. I feel honoured! I’m not even sure what part of this to comment on since it’s all divine. Never stop writing – to say that you two had a gift would be a gross understatement.

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