Leap of Faith!

The corporate world beckoned me with propitious propositions

with a cache of dreams, wrapped with sincere efforts

I embarked on the journey in earnest pursuit,

the promise of a bright future, calling out loud.

With time, the grooves of stress deepened

harried life style became a way of life

 work life balance, was on a precarious edge

frustrated sighs detonated to anguished screams.

Reflecting on the aftermath of an emotional detritus

I collected the scattered fragments of myself.

Infused with a renewed vigor to start afresh,

I tread on the road less traveled, with a leap of faith!

Sadje’s WDYS #86


93 thoughts on “Leap of Faith!”

  1. “The road less traveled” reminds me of the poem “Road not taken” which was in my 9th grade English textbook. The road less traveled tends to be rough, but if it’s for you, the destination it takes you to would be a paradise! I wish you so much luck and congratulate you on having the courage to take the less traveled path. It’s a promising one, really!

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    1. Thanks Sahana for sharing your thoughts here. The road not taken is an iconic poem. My last line was kind of inspired by that. Many times we let fear of the unknown overshadow faith and bias our decision making ability. All we need then is to take that leap of faith. ❤️

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  2. I love how your words knitted together here in a beautiful tapestry to create an image full of life and meaning. My favourite part was the line about work life balancing precariously on the edge and the clever double entendre/meaning behind it. I also liked the Robert Frost allusion near the end of the poem. Simply fantastic writing! 💕

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    1. Maintaining that balance is very demanding Cheryl. Though we try our best to do that, many times it just gets too daunting. Then it’s time to pay heed to our inner voice and not hesitate in walking on another path. So glad you 🎂could relate to this. Thanks a lot Cheryl. Enjoy your day ❤️❤️

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  3. This is so relevant and relatable to so many who discover the truths of life through choices made with excitement and leading to different awareness. It is a leap of faith indeed to follow your knowing and it gives way to positive possibilities. Beautiful poem 💛

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    1. Very true Pragalbha. Walking with courage to travel the other path, with open mindedness and conviction, will definitely get us face to face with many promising outcomes. Thanks Pragalbha for sharing your inputs. Much appreciate it ❤️

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  4. Your beautiful poem rings do true everyday Radhika! Especially so after the great work life disbalance that has happened post Covid.
    Wish I can also gather my courage and take the leap of faith someday 😊

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  5. Deb, thanks so much. This was inspired by so many people I see, struggling to maintain their sanity amidst the growing work pressure. Hope you find that moment of courage to take that leap of faith. Have a lovely friday!

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  6. This was a beautiful and relatable poem for so many Radhika❣️
    So well delivered with the human struggle we experience finding balance and restoration.
    Every job no matter what it is has this.
    Fabulous pearls of wisdom💖

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  7. You have written a beautiful poem, it’s so hard for women to make this work life balance happen. I am myself struggling a lot. Your post was comforting. Sometimes I question the big why but then I am still hanging there in confusion.

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  8. Wonderful poetry and relevant to the current time, Radhika
    I am happy to find that I’m not alone in leaving the corporate path to pursue unconventional employment opportunities 😄

    Look forward to reading more


  9. I believe your poem echos the thoughts of many who have joined in the mass resignation. The meaning of ambition is being redefined. I believe for the better. Lovely poem Radhika 🙏

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