Let’s Make Memories!

Let me revel in the joy of holding you in my arms

 capture that priceless euphoria in my heart.

Let me bask in admiring your innocent beauty

feeding and burping you, taking you out on a stroll,

serenading in your gurgles and toothless grins.

Let your unbridled laughter reverberate loud.

I promise to be patient, tolerating your naughty pranks

maybe, a small reprimand for a wrong you do.

I’ll be by your side when tears flow down,

tending to your bruised knees and scraped elbows.

Grow up to a life of endless possibilities.

Paint your world with colors of curiosity and imagination,

 catch butterflies, climb mountains and enjoy picnics.

Together, we’ll explore the fairy tales and fantasy world.

You my little darling, are the best gift to me.

So, lets weave together beautiful memories of your childhood,

before you flap your wings and soar high into the skies.

Sadje’s WDYS #87


70 thoughts on “Let’s Make Memories!”

  1. This was sooo beautiful. I was almost moved to tears. Now that I’m at the phase of “before you soar high”, I realise that this captures the feelings my mother might have right now. I feel like life went too fast. I feel like I was a child yesterday. And I’m already about to fly out to the real world… A mother’s feeling is precious. It’s probably equally hard for mothers, to see their children grow too soon, as It is for their children. This poem totally does something deep within me…

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    1. True Sahana. These emotions the mothers feel is universal. The years of growing up just whiz by and you suddenly realise that your little one is all geared up to take on the world. It’s such a mixed bag of emotions ❤️. Thanks dear Sahana. Enjoy your time with your mom before you fly out and shower her with all your love. She is worth it ❤️

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  2. Awesome and beautifully composed poem on a wonderful relationship between a mother and her precious daughter before she flies away with her wings. My daughter too is almost 36 years of age but yet she is my little angel and she is such a darling. Now she has a son and he is 2 years old but a little brat and we love him too.

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  3. A heartwarming poem Radhika. Every mother can relate to this poem I guess . Reading your poetry brings back fond memories of moments spent with my son in his childhood days.

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  4. The love and sacrifices a mother makes for her child is priceless, but your poem expresses it so beautifully Radhika!
    Truely a mother does everything for nothing but her love for the child, and her most deserving gift is the love a child can shower back.

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  5. This was a poem and yet it would make a perfect love letter from parent to child. The speaker in the poem was just full of such clear love and light for their child – they seemed as if they genuinely wanted whatever was best for them and was ready to treasure every single moment with their loved one ❤

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