Haiku – Bougainvillea!

Everlasting blooms

refreshing crystalline whites

delicate cluster

Unassuming grace

bright consummate expression

splash of pink passion

Inspired by the many hues of bougainvillea seen during my evening walk !


85 thoughts on “Haiku – Bougainvillea!”

  1. Beautiful poem and flowers! You know, you should observe the back portion of those mini flowers in the centre of the Bougainville.Interestingly, it is in the same colour of the flower and varies with the variations in the colours. They are such beautiful flowers in themselves!

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  2. Wow I have never seen them in white. We have the pink ones right outside our home and I cannot get over the delicate beauty they are, each time I look at them. You poem is so beautiful, I love the words – unassuming grace to describe these flowers.

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  3. You chose the two most beautiful colours for your poem Radhika! I love the red also which is quite rare. A Bougainvillea in bloom is an amazing sight, we used to call them paper flowers. Everlasting blooms and delicate clusters indeed!

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