Mystic Misty Morn!

green trees on green grass field during daytime

Driving through the meandering mountain roads,

surreal allure beckons.

Each bend wrapped in a misty cloak descending from heaven,

unravels a beauteous splendor.

The boughs weighed down by the tender dew drops,

greet with a cheery sway.

Gentle breeze cajoles clouds, laden with moist feelings of emotions,

spray showers of pristine shimmering droplets.

The dreamy serenity emits an aura of empyrean reflection

across the lilac hues of the horizon.

My imperfect soul enjoys, perfect moments of solitude

soaking in the ethereal calm of a new dawn.


Random Musings – Matter of Perspective!

Are you the odd one out or one in a million?

It all depends on how you see yourself.

Perspective is the most important thing to have in life!!

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #196

Some bonds are forever…

Today, they meet after a decade

a whiff of nostalgia sweeps across

as they go on a pilgrimage, back into time

to their days at college.

Popularly known as the gang of feisty four.

they scour memories that drifted into oblivion

fill in the blanks to the present,

unburden their hearts, laying it bare.

Time stands still as unbridled laughter fills the night

their repertoire of unending chatter continues

as the eyes cloud with emotional euphoria.

They commemorate the growth of kindred spirit

celebrating the soul of their friendship!

Sadje’s WDYS #96

As the final curtain drops…

Ladybug, Leaves, Foliage Leaf, Insect, Beetle, Nature

Seasonal transition follows nature’s rhythm.

Once full of supple verdurousness  

today, I mirror a dull ochre expression.

Diluted veins sap my strength,

 I am blown away by the gust of wind,

my withered soul drifts away from home.

I twirl to the rhythmic breeze, explore faraway places,

at times crushed beneath the hurried feet.

I hold no grudges.

Graceful surrender and acceptance, fills me with peace.

Nature’s lullabies cajole me to deep slumber

 into mother earth’s welcoming bosom..

Uncluttered Imagination!

Image credit; Tumisu @ Pixabay

Sadje’s WDYS prompt #95

Reena’s exploration challenge # 194 : POLYSYNDETON

It is art of creating complex sentences, by using conjunctions instead of commas.

A book filled with simple letters of the alphabet join hands together to take a long haul wrapping up a child’s curiosity and ingenuity into a make-believe world of fiction and fantasy conjuring up creative abilities and stories beyond the imagination of the stereotyped conditioned adult.

Photography – Wheels!

Cee’s CBWC

“This week the topic is Only one, two or three wheels on display.

Be creative if you feel like it, and fun with this challenge this week. Remember your photos needs to be black and white, desaturated, sepia (brown tones) or selective color. “

Ambling across or zipping by,

the wheels are always on the move!!

Eye catching beauty on the street of Florence!
Not the firing gun anymore, advocate peace today…on display at the Jaipur Fort!
Driver catching a quick catnap on a hot afternoon, before the next passenger comes in… 🙂
Trying to make a quick buck selling ice cola at Goa beach
On display at Autostadt, Wolfsburg, Germany
Tuk tuk at Krabi
Perfect blend of Intricate beauty and architectural marvel, Sun temple at Konark, India
Chained on to the stairs….maybe a timeout 😉

Monsoon Nirvana!

person walking on road between green grass field during daytime

Monsoon bells ring in the month of August, as the entire Indian peninsula is under a cloud cover. The country revels, as pellets of rains kiss the parched earth, providing much relief from the sweltering heat that saps all energy. Fresh organic landscapes replace the arid barren plains. The insipid leaves indulge in an emerald green makeover, insects cavort around in trilling conversations, meandering rivers swell with gushing pride, pastures hide under a lush grassy duvet, farmers send in a prayer of gratitude and romantic hearts drench in amorous reverie.  Man and nature rejoice, under the magical spell of the rains.

heavenly showers

verdure poetic canvas

monsoon nirvana

dversepoets Haibun Monday : August

Drift from Then to Now…

Listen well while I tell you a story, of not so long ago.

Earth was a resplendent pristine aura of iridescent hues.

A tiara of verdant promise graced her flawless face,

she nurtured her earthlings with abundance.

The primordial man dwelled in harmony, under her benign bosom.

The passage of time, alters the rhythm of life,

greed eclipses man’s wisdom, as he dons a narcissist’s role.

Progress takes a dimension of untamed growth,

his scalpel pierces deep into her womb

 ears fall deaf to her heartrending cries.

 He stamps his carbon footprints on the planet

concretes conquer green duvets,

glaciers melt a teary deluge,

species disappear, marine creatures succumb to oil spills,

climate change makes an unwelcome entry.

Mercury exhales blazing inferno

flora and fauna wither under toxic pollutants

obscured greys and browns tint her visage

negligent dumping of plastic nauseates her

gaseous smog poisons her primeval soul.

Today she blows the bugle of warning,

for man to stop his fusillade of plunders.

Her wrath brings forth natural dissonance.

Life today is bordering on fringes of doom,

before she exhales fumes of deathly toxins.

Let’s pay heed to those sirens and take a solemn oath

replace tainted solutions with sustainability,

 before nature’s sweet song fades away

overpowered by her screams for salvation,

until she breathes her last, or we do!!

Sadje’s WDYS #93

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