Drift from Then to Now…

Listen well while I tell you a story, of not so long ago.

Earth was a resplendent pristine aura of iridescent hues.

A tiara of verdant promise graced her flawless face,

she nurtured her earthlings with abundance.

The primordial man dwelled in harmony, under her benign bosom.

The passage of time, alters the rhythm of life,

greed eclipses man’s wisdom, as he dons a narcissist’s role.

Progress takes a dimension of untamed growth,

his scalpel pierces deep into her womb

 ears fall deaf to her heartrending cries.

 He stamps his carbon footprints on the planet

concretes conquer green duvets,

glaciers melt a teary deluge,

species disappear, marine creatures succumb to oil spills,

climate change makes an unwelcome entry.

Mercury exhales blazing inferno

flora and fauna wither under toxic pollutants

obscured greys and browns tint her visage

negligent dumping of plastic nauseates her

gaseous smog poisons her primeval soul.

Today she blows the bugle of warning,

for man to stop his fusillade of plunders.

Her wrath brings forth natural dissonance.

Life today is bordering on fringes of doom,

before she exhales fumes of deathly toxins.

Let’s pay heed to those sirens and take a solemn oath

replace tainted solutions with sustainability,

 before nature’s sweet song fades away

overpowered by her screams for salvation,

until she breathes her last, or we do!!

Sadje’s WDYS #93


72 thoughts on “Drift from Then to Now…”

  1. I’ve always been a big fan of all your poems but THIS is a masterpiece! I know it’s not fair to compare gold to gold, but this shines really bright as it is a call to awaken us from our slumbers. Powerful, realistic, frightening and awakening, all at the same time! Can visualise minstrels singing this. Wonderful! 👌🙏🤍

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    1. Oh my, I am at a loss for words now Sahana 😊. Thanks dear for always being so generous with your compliments.❤️
      I truly believe that we are grossly wrong in our behaviour and attitude to the generosity of mother earth. We are so blinded by our greed that we close our eyes to the reckless damage we are doing to the planet. I fervently hope we listen to the warning signs and promise to mend our ways before it is too late.

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  2. Your word power is incredible talent dear Radhika! Your poem pierces deep as a visceral experience – it is felt in my belly, my bones, tears and sickness – an experience that literally is of how we are the same as our Earth, each one of us, her experience is our experience, individual and collective. Our choices are a ripple effect, sparing none – your concluding line is a powerful punch! You make us see, hear and feel deeply. Absolutely powerful, beautiful!! Perhaps submit it for wider distribution for more Earth lovers and to raise awareness 💛✨

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    1. Your generous feedback truly humbles me Pragalbha. Much grateful for that 🙏
      Our callous attitude towards our planet greatly pains me. We live in such disharmony as if mother earth is a storehouse of unlimited and never ending resource. I fear the state of our environment we leave behind for our children tomorrow.
      You have rightly said Pragalbha..our choices are a ripple effect and if we don’t mend that choice none will be spared eventually.

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  3. we certainly are on the edge. I say three things.
    1. Lets not use one time use plastic at any cost atleast.
    2. Enroll with any environmental ngo around or find a way to plant trees quietly.
    3. Brush our children, the next generation about the upcoming calamity. It is coming as of now for sure.
    Thanks for making me write this Radhika. Important poem to be read out loud every month from the roof top !

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    1. Thanks so much for your support on this Narayan. I so agree to your inputs.
      1. The government did ban the use of one time plastic in many states, but gave in to the pressure of the vested party interests.
      2. Definitely a good idea. Infact it should be done as a mandatory activity at school level also.
      3. Yes, children should be sensitised to the environmental happenings and it’s repercussions as it is they who will bear the brunt of toxicity tomorrow.
      Collective effort from all is what is needed ,looking beyond profits for a healthy planet else it will turn into a hellish planet.

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  4. This is a masterpiece Radhika. A powerful poem with a wake up call to humans. We humans had taken tremendous advantage of the bountiful nature of Mother earth. Its high-time that we wake up from this slumber. Loved your poem Radhika.

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  5. Earth’s degradation is number one on my list of concerns for the future. Of course, some character flaws like selfishness, greed, and carelessness led to the problems, so I am also concerned for humanity’s soul as well as our misfortunes. I hope it’s not too late to correct our attitudes and save the planet! Powerfully written and thought-provoking poem, Radhika! Hope all is well with you! ❤

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    1. Sadly the rate of degradation now is pretty fast Cheryl, and we are solely to blame for that. A time may come soon, where all forms of life will start to wither away under the toxic pollutants. I am appalled at how conveniently we turn a blind eye to this catastrophe waiting to strike.
      I am well Cheryl. Thanks for asking. Good to see you after long ❤️. Take care!!


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