An Unusual Bond!

Image credit; Sasint @ Pixabay

He connected her, to her children living in faraway lands

She showed him a life without connecting to the gadgets.

He taught her fun games to play online,

She introduced him to actual games they played as kids.

He ordered delicacies from fancy restaurant for her,

She cooked delicious home goodies for him.

He took her on a virtual tour of exotic places

She walked him to the hidden treasures of the village.

He played her favorite songs on his laptop

She sang soothing lullabies to him.

He brought the world at her doorstep with technology

She told him about her world without it.

Thus, an unusual friendship developed between

the young lad with busy parents at work

and an old woman with children far away at work!

Sadje’s WDYS #110


48 thoughts on “An Unusual Bond!”

  1. This is such a perfect friendship, a truly treasured and precious one in today’s world. Both are so necessary for each other. The world would be a beautiful place with such friendships blooming, healthy respect for all differences of age and capabilities. Loved your poem Radhika!

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    1. I absolutely agree with your thoughts Pragalbha. The world would grow towards a harmonious blend of ideas and learnings, if only the generations would try to bridge their gap with more understanding of the differences and cement a meaningful relationship.

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