A Date with Idleness…

The pandemic locked us up with our gadgets, turning life into virtual reality. As the undulating waves of the virus ebbed, we decided to get out of home. “No gadgets!” shrieked my friend and added, “Bring no book, for this one day we’ll give to the idleness!” We drove on without a destination in mind.

A couple of hours later, we found ourselves in a cloister canopied under a dense vegetation.  Alighting, we walked on the muddy trail. The lazy afternoon sun crowned the blades of the tall grass. Piquant organic scents aroused our olfactory senses. We lay there, on the earthy bosom looking at the yonder beyond without a sense of time. The horizon tinged to a mellow tangerine, before melding into inkiness. We were glad, that we breached the confines of the mundane, to be on a date with indolence, fully rejuvenated!

Word count :144

This week Ingrid from dVerse Prosery, challenges us to write a piece of prose in 144 words ,using some given lines of poetry. The prompt lines have been taken from Wordsworth’s poem, Lines Written at a Small Distance from my House:

And bring no book, for this one day
We’ll give to idleness.


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