Will we see a better tomorrow?

Image credit; Tathanhtaun @ Pixabay

Once upon a time,

the view from my window was utopian,

verdant promises swayed beyond the lake,

sanguine blossoms wafted scented felicity.

The flux of time flits by,

man’s indomitable spirit to progress

transforms the landscape with high-rises,

clouded by a myopic vision of future.

My spectacles are befogged by the virulent grey,

I put on the rose-tinted glasses, with a prayer

that his intelligence befriends wisdom

sparing the children of tomorrow, fumes of slow poison.

Sadje’s WDYS #118


61 thoughts on “Will we see a better tomorrow?”

  1. That concluding line – it tugged deep. There is a thin line indeed that we are treading with being optimistic and taking responsibility for what we are not willing to see. Your poetry is beautiful truly, and message conveyed perfectly.

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  2. Some of the worst atrocities against the environment are committed in the name of progress! Your poem is beautifully written, Radhika, but sad. I do not want to leave the world in its current state for future generations, but it looks like things will not get too much better in my lifetime. I hope that people younger will be motivated to clean up and preserve the environment.

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    1. I am keeping that hope alive Cheryl, that the younger generation will take up conservation and sustainability more seriously. It pains me a lot at the way we plunder this beautiful planet for our selfish means.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Hoping for a new dawn with more sensiblities. ❤️

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