Passion to Profession!

The world of colors was my home. An introvert by nature, I spent hours pouring my emotions into my paintings. They gave me immense joy.

“You cannot make a profession out of painting. How much will the paints and brush help you earn?” Dad snatched the brushes from my hands and put these instruments in them instead.
Forced to pursue Math and Science, I became an Engineer. On the day I graduated, I presented to him, my degree certificate.

“I did what you wanted me to do. Now please let me follow my passion”, and picked up my brushes again.

Today, my paintings are exhibited the world over!

In India, even today Engineering and Medicine, are the most preferred career option the parents want their children to pursue, despite their child having no interest in it.  While it is encouraging to see a gradual shift in the mindset of parents to allow their children choose a non-science professional course, it will take a long time before all can have the freedom to opt for courses akin to their interest.


54 thoughts on “Passion to Profession!”

  1. Thanks for joining in Radhika! It’s very true that we still are under the dated thought process that only “good “ professions are those of medicine and engineering. Times have changed, so the thinking should change too.

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  2. The wrong career choice can make people miserable. So can choosing a career you love but will not allow you to earn a decent living. There is so much pressure at this stage of life, so many life-altering decisions to be made. Insightful post, Radhika! ❤

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  3. Ah your story filled me with such joy Radhika truly 🙂 All of us know someone or have experienced personally this pressure and influence with having to give in. You kept it simple yet used the picture powerfully to bring this message, I enjoyed it.

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  4. Can’t agree more. The disgrace of art and literature has become so common these days. Thanks a lot for expressing it so well. Hope, people refurbish their mindset.


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