O – Orchestra!

A to Z Challenge 2022 – Nature and I

Oh! The blissful sounds of nature sink deep into your heart, gives eternal joy, all anxiety melts away – Balroop Singh

An urban dweller has to cope up with perennial noise bombardment. During the lockdown we all had a glimpse of staying in calm environs, which was such a treasured blessing. While I am glad that Covid has declined, but sadly the noise levels have increased manifold today, as life crippled back to normalcy post the pandemic.

Earsplitting horns, blaring sirens

hooting trains, loud announcements

construction drills, clanks of metals

nonstop chatter, acrimonious rants

hurried footsteps, cacophonic din.

When the decibels of the city send me into a tizzy,

I head to the lap of nature.

The contrast is such a welcoming change.

Insects’ trill, reprise in bursts along the muddy pathway

the withered leaves rustle and crunch under my footsteps.

The avian warbles, as frogs call out in chorus

 to create a prelude to the symphony.

The mood and lighting changes, chords modulate

to the beats of the baritone rumble of the thunder,

 operatic tenor of the winds keep background score.

The rolling waves crash on the rocks, amplifying its sound effect,

rhythmic cadence of the rains jingle in an impromptu jive,

culminating in a scintillating crescendo.

In the stillness of the night, raindrops plop,

 swaying glades of grass hum a soft solo

to the lyrical signature tune of the zephyr.

The sounds of nature create a riveting orchestra

blending acoustics, tempo and melody in perfect sync.

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49 thoughts on “O – Orchestra!”

  1. “I head to the lap of nature” – I love this image, the tired head of the urban human resting in the sweet, soft lap of mother nature. It’s so calming, so loving, this is exactly how I feel about nature. Thank you!

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  2. I was out yesterday for a blissful nature walk, armed with two inquisitive teenagers; right in our backyard/condo. And somewhere I experienced to the hilt the nature sounds you described; and the fragrant smells and the touch of the squishy mulberries and dried leaves. It was heaven to the soul.

    My mornings aren’t as serene when i don’t spend time in nature. As a ritual I go down to the park to meditate and practise yoga, to the chirping bird sounds and the glorious rising sun. I feel that’s the biggest gift I can give myself and receive in turn from the abundantly brimming nature which always opens her arms to us; is this experience every day.

    Yes, it’s a shame how noise pollution levels have drastically risen. Thank god for nature sounds that help beat the pandemonium earthlings create. It keeps this earth sane and grounded.

    Another lovely piece, Radhika. Cant wait to catch up on the rest. ❤

    Have a lovely new week. xo

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    1. Natasha, starting your day in the lap of nature… that’s the best gift you can give yourself. Listening to those sounds, feeling her textures, sensing her mood, watching the sky unravel the gift of a new dawn, these moments are priceless treasures. You are amassing holistic wealth for you body, mind and soul❤️.
      Gratitude to you my friend.
      You too have a great week ahead Natasha!

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